Oakmont Country Club
Corinth, Texas
July 28-August 2, 2002

Five one stroke behind leaders in EDS Boys Junior Championship

CORINTH, Texas - Zack Miller of San Rafael, Calif., Craig Leslie of Spokane, Wash., and Kenny Kim of Cerritos, Calif., lead after the first round of the EDS Boys Junior Championship with a score of 5-under-par 67.

The 72-hole tournament, conducted by the American Junior Golf Association, features 152 players representing 23 states, Singapore, New Zealand and Canada, and includes 41 Texas natives. It is being held at the par-72 Oakmont Country Club. Past champions of the event include Jim Furyk (1987), David Duval (1989), Tiger Woods (1992), Ty Tryon (1999) and Matthew Rosenfeld (2001).

After a drive into the thick rough on his first hole, No. 10, Miller, 18, was able to punch out to 30 feet in front of the green.

"It was a great save," Miller said. "It just got me off on the right foot."

Miller (35-32-67) went on a par run until he got to his back nine where he slammed in four birdies, totaling five for the day.

"The key today was I hit 16 greens and made the putts I should have," Miller said. "I didn't do anything special out there."

Leslie, 17, planned to shoot around par for the day, but he was able to accomplish a lot more.
"I had great wedge play today," Leslie said. "The big part was that I wanted to putt well because I'm not used to Bermuda greens. I think my longest birdie putt all day was around 12 feet."

Although Leslie doesn't play high school golf because his high school doesn't have a team, his best previous AJGA finish was third at the PING Junior at Trophy Lake in 2001.

"I'm just glad to be here," Leslie (34-33-67) said. "Last year I only finished in the top third at this event so it's nice to be back."

Leslie was able to get great starts at the beginning of his front and back nines with birdies on Nos. 1, 3, 5, 10, 11 and 14.

"Although I only made par on the par 5s, they really helped me out," Leslie said. "They were all down wind for me today. I don't think I really took advantage about where I was at on them."

For Kim, 16, a weather delay, which lasted more than an hour, broke his run for the top of the leaderboard.

"I was 6-under going before the rain," Kim (34-33-67) said. "Afterwards I was slicing my driver, but luckily I had good up-and-downs for par on the last four holes."

Log jammed in fourth place at 4-under par 68 are Ricky Romano of Murrieta, Calif., Jay Choe of Yorba Linda, Calif., Ryan Lenahan of Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich., and Seung Su Han of Chino Hills, Calif. Abd Scotty Campbell of Conway, Ark.

Second-round action begins off the No. 1 and 10 tees with the first wave of tee times from 7:30-9:18 a.m. The second wave of the tee times runs from noon until 1:48 p.m.

For more information regarding the EDS Boys Junior Championship, please contact our headquarters at (678) 617-2421.

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CORINTH, Texas - First-round results from the EDS BOYS JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP conducted by the American Junior
Golf Association at Oakmont Country Club. Par: 36-36-72. Yardage: 6,941.

T1 Zack Miller, San Rafael, Calif. (2003) 35-32-67
T1 Craig Leslie, Spokane, Wash. (2004) 34-33-67
T1 Kenny Kim, Cerritos, Calif. (2004) 34-33-67
T4 Ricky Romano, Murrieta, Calif. (2003) 36-32-68
T4 Jay Choe, Yorba Linda, Calif. (2002) 32-36-68
T4 Ryan Lenahan, Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich. (2002) 32-36-68
T4 Seung Su Han, Chino Hills, Calif. (2005) 33-35-68
T4 Scotty Campbell, Conway, Ark. (2003) 35-33-68
T9 Trent Leon, Dallas, Texas (2005) 35-34-69
T9 Jason Kokrak, Warren, Ohio (2003) 33-36-69
T9 Ryan Hillstrom, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (2003) 35-34-69
T9 Adam Cohan, Wayne, Pa. (2004) 34-35-69
T9 Jeff Bell, Plano, Texas (2002) 34-35-69
T14 Andrew Dresser, Carrollton, Texas (2002) 35-35-70
T14 Mike Rim, Lakewood, Calif. (2002) 36-34-70
T14 James Dickey, Pembroke Pines, Fla. (2003) 34-36-70
T14 Chanin Puntawong, Bradenton, Fla. (2006) 34-36-70
T14 Jake Hermes, Durango, Colo. (2004) 33-37-70
T14 Joseph Kim, Laguna Niguel, Calif. (2003) 35-35-70
T20 Marco Morales, Coral Gables, Fla. (2004) 34-37-71
T20 Chris Myers, Southlake, Texas (2003) 36-35-71
T20 Michael Haverfield, Louisville, Ky. (2004) 37-34-71
T20 Andy Leadbetter, Orlando, Fla. (2003) 35-36-71
T20 Jon Boguth, Sterling Heights, Mich. (2002) 35-36-71
T20 Matthew Slovitt, Winnetka, Ill. (2002) 33-38-71
T20 Martin Ureta, Wesley Chapel, Fla. (2003) 34-37-71
T20 Jeff Kaiser, Onalaska, Wis. (2004) 36-35-71
T20 Neno Boonyaplanun, Irvine, Calif. (2003) 34-37-71
T20 Danny Zimmerman, Verona, Wis. (2004) 34-37-71
T20 Tommy Suri, Miami, Fla. (2003) 35-36-71
T31 Chase Cooper, Guymon, Okla. (2003) 36-36-72
T31 Joshua Wooding, Riverside, Calif. (2003) 36-36-72
T31 Dan Kleckner, Spring, Texas (2003) 36-36-72
T31 Martin Piller, Duncanville, Texas (2004) 36-36-72
T31 Matthew Pierce, Jr., San Juan Capistrano, Calif. (2007) 37-35-72
T31 Bronson Burgoon, The Woodlands, Texas (2005) 36-36-72
T31 Nathan Kinker, Barboursville, W.Va. (2005) 36-36-72
T31 Russell Helson, Georgetown, Texas (2003) 37-35-72
T31 Woogene Lee, Fountain Valley, Calif. (2003) 34-38-72
T31 Matt Best, Pauls Valley, Okla. (2003) 37-35-72
T31 Will Dodson, Tulsa, Okla. (2002) 37-35-72
T31 Minkyu Han, Orlando, Fla. (2003) 34-38-72
T31 Colt Knost, Pilot Point, Texas (2003) 34-38-72
T44 Craig Boone, El Paso, Texas (2005) 36-37-73
T44 Louie Bishop, Murrieta, Calif. (2003) 35-38-73
T44 Ryan Zamorano, Dallas, Texas (2003) 35-38-73
T44 Matt Savage, Scottsdale, Ariz. (2003) 39-34-73
T44 Jae An, Rotorua, , New Zealand (2005) 35-38-73
T44 Will Osborne, Wichita Falls, Texas (2004) 35-38-73
T44 Mark Ogren, Daphne, Ala. (2003) 37-36-73
T44 Jay Moseley, Bainbridge, Ga. (2003) 39-34-73
T44 Jace Moore, Southlake, Texas (2004) 36-37-73
T44 Bill Gutknecht, The Woodlands, Texas (2003) 35-38-73
T44 Daniel McGurk, The Woodlands, Texas (2003) 37-36-73
T44 Tyler Dunn, Godfrey, Ill. (2003) 38-35-73
T44 Brandon Beck, Oak Park, Calif. (2003) 34-39-73
T44 Robert Stone, Dallas, Texas (2002) 37-36-73
T44 Blake Parks, Odessa, Texas (2003) 37-36-73
T44 Toby Ragland, Jacksonville, Fla. (2005) 34-39-73
T44 Mike Fiedler, Faribault, Minn. (2003) 38-35-73
T44 Alex Prugh, Spokane, Wash. (2003) 34-39-73
T44 Hunter Bendall, Richmond, Va. (2003) 35-38-73
T44 Kyle Ritchie, Bedford, Iowa (2003) 36-37-73
T44 Matthew Espinosa, Irving, Texas (2002) 33-40-73
T65 Matt McLaughlin, Raleigh, N.C. (2003) 37-37-74
T65 Dos Goldsmith, McAllen, Texas (2003) 34-40-74
T65 Taylor McNeely, Duncanville, Texas (2004) 34-40-74
T65 Clay Hodge, Tyler, Texas (2004) 38-36-74
T65 Steven Bain, Orlando, Fla. (2003) 36-38-74
T65 Jeremy Frye, Palestine, Texas (2003) 37-37-74
T65 Jeremy Alcorn, Brownwood, Texas (2003) 37-37-74
T65 Chad Wilcox, Peoria, Ariz. (2003) 34-40-74
T65 Michael Thompson, Tucson, Ariz. (2003) 36-38-74
T65 Brett Lange, Atlanta, Ga. (2004) 38-36-74
T65 Christopher Heintz, Brea, Calif. (2003) 37-37-74
T65 Chad Moscovic, Stockton, Calif. (2003) 38-36-74
T65 Jesse Dixon, Ann Arbor, Mich. (2002) 35-39-74
T65 Sung Back, Rossville, Ga. (2003) 37-37-74
T65 Brett Myers, Broken Arrow, Okla. (2003) 37-37-74
T80 Don Seol, Surrey, B.C. (2003) 38-37-75
T80 Michael Douthit, Palestine, Texas (2003) 37-38-75
T80 Steve Alminas, E Longmeadow, Mass. (2002) 36-39-75
T80 Andrew Turner, Lititz, Pa. (2002) 33-42-75
T80 Matthew Shin, Cerritos, Calif. (2003) 38-37-75
T80 Nicholas Smith, Ocala, Fla. (2005) 41-34-75
T80 Rob Grube, Hinsdale, Ill. (2004) 38-37-75
T80 Daniel Kush, Tustin, Calif. (2002) 38-37-75
T80 Bryan Jones, Atlanta, Ga. (2003) 38-37-75
T80 Nicholas Schenk, Batavia, Ill. (2002) 38-37-75
T90 Sam Korbe, Springdale, Ark. (2003) 37-39-76
T90 Jared Mayfield, Shreveport, La. (2004) 36-40-76
T90 Colter Kautzmann, Phoenix, Ariz. (2003) 39-37-76
T90 Pat Collogan, Ponca City, Okla. (2004) 39-37-76
T90 Jake Creel, Dothan, Ala. (2004) 38-38-76
T90 Giwon Suh, Orlando, Fla. (2004) 38-38-76
T90 Aaron Goldberg, Encinitas, Calif. (2003) 38-38-76
T90 Charlie Holland, Dallas, Texas (2005) 36-40-76
T90 Tyler Rucarean, Gainesville, Fla. (2004) 37-39-76
T90 Brandon DeStefano, Bryan, Texas (2003) 35-41-76
T90 Ryan Sypniewski, Radford, Va. (2003) 39-37-76
T90 Jarred Texter, Millersville, Pa. (2004) 39-37-76
T90 Spencer Provow, Murfreesboro, Tenn. (2003) 40-36-76
T90 Nathaniel Spencer, Lawrence, Kan. (2004) 38-38-76
T104 Timothy Seeley Jr, Lake George, N.Y. (2002) 37-40-77
T104 Jeff Howard, Plano, Texas (2004) 37-40-77
T104 Carter Lawnin, Kingwood, Texas (2003) 40-37-77
T104 Adam Cohn, Binghamton, N.Y. (2004) 37-40-77
T104 Soo Kyo Ahn, Tacoma, Wash. (2003) 37-40-77
T104 Scot Ploucha, Johnson City, Tenn. (2003) 38-39-77
T104 David Yoon, Irvine, Calif. (2003) 39-38-77
T104 Ryan Henry, Broken Arrow, Okla. (2003) 37-40-77
T104 Michael Baird, Castle Rock, Colo. (2003) 40-37-77
T104 Christian Akau, Waipahu, Hawaii (2002) 35-42-77
T104 Anthony Imburgia, Effingham, Ill. (2002) 39-38-77
T115 Brian Ricketts, Highland Village, Texas (2003) 39-39-78
T115 Shane Sigsbee, McKinney, Texas (2003) 37-41-78
T115 Jake Grodzinsky, Cornville, Ariz. (2003) 42-36-78
T115 Cornelius Carroll, St. Simons, Ga. (2005) 37-41-78
T115 Matt McLean, Miami, Fla. (2003) 39-39-78
T115 Erik Flores, Grass Valley, Calif. (2005) 42-36-78
T121 John Kelly, St Louis, Mo. (2003) 38-41-79
T121 Joshua Dean, Richmond Hill, Ontario (2003) 41-38-79
T121 Hernan Borja, Kingwood, Texas (2003) 39-40-79
T121 Preston Smith, Monroe, La. (2003) 38-41-79
T121 Steven Crolic, Jacksonville, Fla. (2003) 40-39-79
T121 Daniel Kim, Cerritos, Calif. (2004) 41-38-79
T121 Derrick Whiting, Carlos, Minn. (2003) 38-41-79
T121 Jeff Vetterick, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. (2003) 38-41-79
T129 Michael Haddock, San Antonio, Texas (2003) 37-43-80
T129 Kevin Bryce, Mississauga, Ontario (2003) 40-40-80
T129 Kevin Schultz, Richardson, Texas (2004) 41-39-80
T129 Leo Corrigan, Dallas, Texas (2002) 41-39-80
T129 Robbie Kelley, Minnetonka, Minn. (2005) 42-38-80
T129 Tarik Can, Douglaston, N.Y. (2004) 39-41-80
T129 Reed Darsie, Chapel Hill, N.C. (2003) 36-44-80
T136 Kevin Chen, Alamo, Calif. (2003) 40-41-81
T136 Chad Bailey, Ruston, La. (2003) 39-42-81
T136 Jeff Gerlich, Austin, Texas (2005) 41-40-81
T136 Lee Keong Yang, Singapore, , Singapore (2003) 41-40-81
T136 Stefan Wistorf, Orlando, Fla. (2002) 40-41-81
T141 Steven Dales, Abbotsford, B.C. (2003) 44-38-82
T141 Jonathan Buchanan, Texarkana, Texas (2003) 41-41-82
T141 Marty Melcher, Redlands, Calif. (2003) 45-37-82
T144 Jacob Clay, Corinth, Texas (2005) 40-43-83
T144 Devin Guilliams, Plano, Texas (2003) 43-40-83
T144 Robby Ormand, Austin, Texas (2005) 43-40-83
T144 Kenny Palmer, Scottsdale, Ariz. (2004) 39-44-83
T148 Corey Heffley, Denton, Texas (2004) 41-43-84
T148 Brandon Lawson, Elburn, Ill. (2003) 42-42-84
150 Taylor Crosby, Athens, Ga. (2002) 44-43-87
Ryan Posey, Dallas, Texas (2002) WD (Illness)
Brad Doster, Winter Park, Fla. (2003) WD (Injury)

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