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Matchmaker, Matchmaker..

West Captain Gus Montano owns a stout record at Canon Cup. The wily veteran boasts a perfect 3-0 record as captain of the West ship and will go for a fourth this year.
East Captain Matt Cuccaro brings deep knowledge of the intracacies of golf, along with his experiences at Caves Valley as a college golf player .

Canon Cup captains are the key decision-makers for their teams, setting up the matches that could make or break a team's chances. While Gus Montano and Matt Cuccaro are constantly evaluating their teams, took the opportunity to judge this year's captains on vital issues that will have a huge impact on the outcome of the 2004 Canon Cup.

Question: Who is your favorite pro football team?
Arizona Cardinals featuring Rod Tidwell
New England Patriots, and not just because they’re two-time Super Bowl champs. They represent the team atmosphere at a time when professional athletes are more and more just about the individual.

Advantage: Matt. Gus, obviously you were duped into thinking "Jerry Maguire" was a sports movie. It was a chick flick.

Question: Who is your favorite pro baseball team?
Gus: San Diego Padres
Boston Red Sox, mostly because I hate the Yankees.

Advantage: Matt. The Yank-hating reference wins us over.

Question: Who is your favorite pro basketball team?
Gus: Los Angeles Clippers

Advantage: Gus. We like a man with courage, and it takes courage to say you're a Clippers fan.

Question: Who is your favorite PGA TOUR player?
Gus: Freddie Couples
Sergio Garcia because as an intern with the AJGA I met him and have met him since and he has always seemed like a down-to-earth kind of guy.

Advantage: Matt. Although Boom-Boom is a fan favorite, AJGA alums get the nod every time.

Question: Who is your favorite LPGA player?
Gus: My West Canon Cup girls from 2001-2004
I’m really interested in the future LPGA stars from my East Canon Cup teams from 2002-2004.

Both captains fail this test miserably. The real question is, which captain copied the answer of the other one? Boooo!

Question: Who is your hero?
Gus: Matt Cuccaro for going through all those beatings and not giving up.
I’ve met Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks) and he just says what’s on his mind, which is a lot different than me. In my opinion, he’s the definition of true, self-made entrepreneur.

Advantage: Gus. This is great lockerroom material. Plus, Matt Cuccaro, you're a much better man than Mark Cuban (and your team has a better chance of winning a championship than the Mavs...)

Question: What is your best golf achievement?
Gus: Three holes-in-one
Making the cut in a Tear Drop tournament in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Advantage: Gus. Gus probably earned more money for his achievement.

Question: What is your handicap?
Gus: 12
Three and climbing

They're both lying.

Question: Who is your favorite band?
Gus: Dave Matthews Band

Advantage: Matt. Both bands have great music, so in a case like this, we had to go to band member names. Who can beat Bono and The Edge?

Question: What is your favorite movie?
Gus: Jerry Maguire featuring Rod Tidwell
Good Will Hunting

Advantage: Matt. Although the kid in Jerry Maguire is cute, we really do like apples.

Question: What is your favorite restaurant?
Gus: In-N-Out Burger
Maggiano’s in Little Italy in Baltimore

Advantage: Gus. Four little words: Double-double, animal style!

Question: What is your favorite food?
Gus: I love food. I’m just a big food guy. But I’ll have to go with the In-N-Out menu

Advantage: Matt. In the world of Atkins, pizza reigns supreme. Here's to carb loading!

Question: What is your favorite ice cream?
Gus: Well, the East would have to go with this year’s theme, “Rocky Road.” But I choose mint ‘n chip.
Fish food. Do they make ice cream out West?

Advantage: Gus. We're just wondering if Matt's dates like fish food ice cream as much as he does.

Question: What is your motto for life?
Gus: “Live like there’s no tomorrow.”
“Have fun, do what you enjoy doing.”

This is great advice for any team expecting to take home this year's Cup.




Since 1990, Canon has supported junior golf and the American Junior Golf Association. The Canon Cup has produced countless memories while focusing the spotlight on golf's next generation of champions.

Last year, the West Canon Cup team staged a memorable comeback on the final day to defeat the East 26-24.