The American Junior Golf Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the overall growth and development of young men and women who aspire to earn college golf scholarships through competitive junior golf.


Compare the Captains...

Which college did you attend, what was your major ?
Beth: University of Kansas, Business and Sports Management
Walker : Carson-Newman College, Business Administration

How many years of college golf did you play?
Walker : Four

Biggest accomplishment in your golfing career?
Beth: Qualifying for the U.S. Women's Am in 1997
Walker: Making a hole-in-one on the 15th hole at the Innisbrook Resort - Copperhead Course

What is your handicap?
Beth: My Swing
Walker: Six

Why do you like golf?
Beth: The camaraderie, friendship, being outdoors, the challenge, because of the one good shot I hit each round that keeps me coming back.
Walker: I enjoy the game of golf because of the character it instills in people.  It is a game of integrity and it teaches the next generation what it means to be men and women of honor.

What do you think kids can learn from golf?
Beth: Sportsmanship, meeting new people, learning not to give up, being able to play a game they can play for a lifetime.
Walker: Kids learn respect and humility through the game of golf.

Who is your favorite PGA TOUR player?
Beth: Sean O'Hair, he has overcome some major adversity and plays competitive golf.  Considering his background, he seems like a very well-rounded person.
Walker: Phil Mickelson because he is a fierce competitor who works hard on his game, but at the same time takes time for his fans and to help grow the game.

Who is your favorite LPGA player?
Beth: Hall of Famer Betsy Rawls. I have had the privilege of working with her for the last eight years, and she is always impressive. Her intelligence far exceeds most people and she always seems to know the answer to any question.
Walker: Nancy Lopez, her accomplishments on and off the course speak for themselves.

Who is your hero?
Beth: My mom. She is an amazing person who has high integrity, is always there for family and friends, and always seems to know the right thing to do. She has been successful in corporate America as well as in her everyday acquaintances. She has inspired older individuals without a high school education to go on to college and graduate. She always believes in the people no one else does.
Walker: My dad, Lockwood Hill. He has always supported me in every decision I have made, allowed me to learn by making my own mistakes, but being there to pick me up. He is an example to me of the way I would like to raise my family someday.

If you could spend one hour with anyone in the world, who would it be?
Beth: God
Walker: Jack Nicklaus because he is the greatest golfer to play the game and a great guy on top of that.

If you were stranded on the desert island and could have three fun or luxury items, what would they be?
Beth: TV with cable satellite with TiVo, an endless supply of chocolate, cell phone.
Walker: Soccer ball so I could work on the game, a bed so I could sleep comfortably and a yacht to get home in.

Who is your favorite band?
Beth: I like every kind of music, can't narrow it down to one. Country music is my favorite.
Walker: Jeremy Camp

What is your favorite movie?
Beth: The Sound of Music
Walker: Tommy Boy

What is your favorite T.V. show from the 80s or 90s?
Beth: The Cosby Show
Walker: MacGyver. Hello! The dude could beat the bad guys with some duct tape, a lighter and a screwdriver.  He good!!

What is your favorite restaurant?
Beth: Any restaurant that has ice cream and good dessert
Walker: Chick-Fil-A

What is your favorite ice cream and why?
Beth: Moose Tracks, because I am a girl and girls love chocolate.
Walker: Cookies and Cream because I like it!!

What is your motto for life?
Beth: "If your five minutes early, you will never be late!"
Walker: "Attitude is Everything"



Since 1990, Canon has supported junior golf and the American Junior Golf Association. The Canon Cup has produced countless memories while focusing the spotlight on golf's next generation of champions.

Last year, the East Canon Cup team completed an impressive two-day rally to edge the West 25 ½ to 24 ½.