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West Wins 27-23
by Becca Staed, Communications Intern Friday, August 3, 2007 - 1:20 AM
Just watching the video creating by communications manager Sara Wagoner gives me the chills. Day Three of the 2007 Canon Cup has come and gone, but the memory of the event and the moments that made it will never fade away.

The West Team entered Day Three with an eight-point lead, a buffer that eventually led to a 27-23 victory for the West. Competition during the day's single matches was fierce. The East was determined to gain as many points as it could and stay in contention for the coveted Canon Cup. They gained 12 additional points from the singles matches - a move that demonstrated just how much they wanted to win this year and maybe just how much more aggressive the team will be next year.

Winning her match 7 and 5, West Team member Stephanie Kono of Honolulu earned the crucial point that solidified her team's Canon Cup victory for the third year in a row. She credited her team's solidarity and talent for the win and said that she can't wait to return next year for yet another victory.

The West squad gathered to watch the second-to-last match of the day, which ended on No. 17 green. There they huddled with Team Captain Beth Reuter to celebrate their victory in a proud moment that could only be understood by watching it unfold. For the third year in a row, the Canon Cup will be handed over to the West, this year's rightful owners. But after three full days of outstanding performance by both teams, everyone finished a winner.

Until next year...

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Final Day V-blog, Canon Cup
by Sara Wagoner, Communications Manager Thursday, August 2, 2007 - 6:54 PM
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Change of Pace on Day Two
by Becca Staed, Communications Intern Thursday, August 2, 2007 - 12:55 PM
On Day Two of Canon Cup, the West made a decisive comeback. The team was trailing by one point but gain an eight-point lead after Day Two. In the morning matches, the East appeared to have a solid grip on their Day One lead. But as the day wore on, the West moved in to take over. On the East side, shoulders slumped a little more, while the West squad cheered even louder for their teammates. Representing the West in the third match, Connor Driscoll and Josh Jones seized a 3-up lead after making the turn two down to finish at 4 and 2. The morning was full of similar stories, like William Kropp and Cody Gribble, the West pair that broke away at No. 7 from an all-square match en route to a 2 and 1 victory. The West walked away from the morning with 8 of 10 points.

The afternoon matches weren’t very different. The West captured the first three matches of the afternoon to gain three more points. Then, East Team members Peter Uihlein and Kristina Wong took one point for the East. But the afternoon ended just as the day began when West Team members Sang Yi and Mina Harigae broke out of a pretty even match to take the last point of the day on No. 18 and finish 1-up. The second day total was 19-11 with West in front.

Day Three promises to deliver some heated competition in the singles matches. So far, Alex Shi Yup Kim has earned one point for the West, and Lion Kim gained one point for the East. With 16 matches to go, it’s hard to tell which team will dominate the day. West Team Captain Beth Reuter continues to express pride about how hard the West has worked and said that no matter what the outcome of this year’s Canon Cup, the West Team will always be winners to her.

Stay here for more updates on Day Three at Canon Cup.
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East is down but not out yet!
by Chris White - Communications Intern Thursday, August 2, 2007 - 10:02 AM
The East team crumbled on the second day. On a day with fifteen matches, the East was only able to gain three overall points. Despite it all though, the East team kept their heads held high and battled until the very end, taking a lot of the matches as deep as they possible could.

The two bright spots for the East were Courtney Ellenbogen and Marika Lendl giving the East its only victory in the morning. And then Peter Uihlein and Kristina Wong played outstanding in the afternoon to win their match 5 and 4. Uihlein played excellent on the eve of the final day, carding plenty of red numbers, including an eagle on No. 6 in which he hit the flagstick with his second shot from approximately 270 yards (yardage via Rossie).

As a team the East has a lot of ground to make up on the final day, heading in down 19-11. However, their captain, Walker Hill, firmly believes they can overcome the deficit if they believe it in their heart. As a team, they’ve stressed to be relentless all week, and that is what it is going to take if the East wants to pull off the biggest upset in Canon Cup history. As a captain, Hill poured his heart out to his team and just told them to go out and have fun on the final day. He knew the East team is better and if they want it bad enough, they can do it!

Stay tuned for the results after the final day of Canon Cup at The Honors Course.
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Day Two V-blog, Canon Cup
by Sara Wagoner, Communications Manager Wednesday, August 1, 2007 - 10:07 PM
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East Team is just that... a team!
by Chris White - Communications Intern Wednesday, August 1, 2007 - 8:23 AM
The first day of matches is over at Canon Cup and the East has the lead. Thanks in part to clutch putting and great overall team spirit, the East is excited and full of momentum going into Wednesday. Lion Kim and Wesley Graham got things going early for the team, picking up a win in the first match of the day. They also got the team fired up emotionally, screaming throughout the day loud enough to hear in headquarters and fist pumping like I've never seen before.

The next emotional pick-me-up came from none other than Peter Uihlein. He and “Bank” closed out Cory Whitsett and Josh Jones on No. 18 after Peter stuck his second shot to about 5 feet and drained the birdie. And to end the morning matches Bud Cauley, undefeated in Canon Cup play, and Spencer Cole made a triumphant comeback from 3-down at No. 13 to win 1-up.

The East headed into the afternoon oozing with two things, confidence and team spirit. It ended up coming down to the final match, with the East up by one point. Every player from the East was out there, rooting on their team and cheering with every shot. The area behind No. 18 looked like a sea of red, waiting to make waves. And once again, Bud Cauley’s tandem did just that when he stuck his second shot within 12 feet. Although she gives the credit to Bud, Courtney Ellenbogen had ice running through her veins and drained the putt, sending her teammates into a frenzy while she stood on the green calm and collected.

With the East leading 8-7 heading into Day 2, Walker Hill kept his team meeting short and sweet. He praised the team for the good play throughout the day and stressed how important it is to keep up the team spirit. His props were given to those momentum changing matches and he pointed out how little it takes for the momentum to change drastically.

Overall Score after Day 1: East - 8; West - 7
Overall Team Spirit after Day 1: East - Off the charts; West - Not Chartable
Stay tuned for more coverage of the East team…
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West Team Close Behind After Day One at Canon Cup
by Becca Staed, Communications Intern Wednesday, August 1, 2007 - 7:44 AM
Hey y'all! Canon Cup is well underway. After Day One, East is 1-up with 8 points, but the West Team is right on their tails with 7 points. Matches like Peter Uihlein and Arnond “Bank” Vongvanij vs. Cory Whitsett and Josh Jones were close calls. They grinded it out all the way to No. 18, where East took the point after both Whitsett and Jones made killer 15-foot putts that stopped just short of the hole. Keep in mind that this turn of events played out after the West Team pair made a comeback on the back nine from 3-back to 1-back. In another fabulous West Team pairing, Kimberly Kim and Mina Harigae got an early lead to close out the match at 4-up on No. 15. Day One nearly got halved, but in the last match of the day, East Team member Courtney Ellenbogen made a clutch 12-foot putt on the 18th hole to save the day for her team and keep them in the lead going into Day Two.

West Team member Mina Harigae said that she and Kimberly Kim played well together on Day One and added that her strategy for Wednesday is just to get a good night’s rest.

“On the holes I didn’t play well, Kim had my back,” Harigae said. “We birdied different holes. Tomorrow we are going to do really well.”

Despite a scanty defeat, the West Team showed nothing less than excitement and energy following the afternoon matches. Team Captain Beth Reuter again expressed how much she enjoyed watching her team play and how proud she was of how hard her team fought to the very end. She advised her team to rally tomorrow and to just keep playing as well as they played on Day One. The West Team said that, traditionally, a loss on Day One only means victory throughout the rest of the week. They are all looking forward to Thursday’s singles matches, wherein lies their strength. These juniors’ minds and smiling faces are completely clear from any notion of defeat. Tomorrow they will return to reclaim their position at the top, bearing in mind Sang Yi’s last words before Day One’s end – “No Mercy.”
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Team Pride
by Andrew Greenfield, Canon Cup Tournament Director Tuesday, July 31, 2007 - 9:42 PM
It was a peaceful morning at The Honors Course. A light fog was slowly lifting as the early morning sun’s rays tried to penetrate the low cloud cover. All was quiet. The smells of freshly cut grass and delicious crispy bacon hot off the griddle filled the air. At 8 a.m. however, all this quiet quickly changed. Screams, yells and chants of “Go East” and “Go West” filled the hallowed grounds of The Honors Course.

This scene is only seen at sporting events like the Ryder Cup. Silence so deep you could hear a pin drop suddenly interrupted by high pitched vocal cheers that make you turn your head and yearn to know, what happened? It’s a feeling like leaving a baseball game early only to hear a huge roar from the parking lot.

This morning I was out riding the golf course only to hear normally quiet Wesley Graham scream after making birdie on No. 6. Later in the day I was at the clubhouse and heard a huge roar from No. 16 (across the lake and more than 500 yards away) which turned out to be a John Hahn chip in.

That was the theme of the day. Team Pride and screams!

From the opening tee shot by Andrew Yun (he made birdie on No. 1 to halve the hole) to the last stroke of the day, a 12-foot birdie putt (dead center mind you) by Courtney Ellenbogen to win the hole, halve the match and give the East team a 1-point overnight lead. Courtney didn’t react to the putt much. She just waited to see what the team would do. Well, the reaction was something like this, a few jumps in the air, of course some screams and a huge hug from partner Bud Cauley. Like I said, Team Pride.

With a special day one in the books, eight out of 15 matches went the distance. The AJGA can’t wait for what is in store for day two. By the way, someone said in the pairings party tonight that one West foursome team is going to lay down the hammer tomorrow. I think you know who that is… Can’t wait.
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Day One V-blog, Canon Cup
by Sara Wagoner, Communications Manager Tuesday, July 31, 2007 - 9:33 PM
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East Seeing Red
by Chris White, Communications Intern Tuesday, July 31, 2007 - 8:50 AM
On the eve of the first day of matches at Canon Cup, the opening ceremonies went off well. Both teams marched out behind the bagpipes and were announced by the captains. The ceremonial first shots were then hit by the captains and I will not comment on where those went, just that there may be some symbolism in favor of the East.

After dinner the anticipation was was relieved when everyone learned the pairings and matches for the morning. Now Walker Hill and his East Team are getting ready to start their team meeting about tomorrow. The girls are all busy; making sure the guys have their red bandanas tied correctly, figuring out who is doing face paint in the morning, discussing when everyone is going to hairspray their hair red.

Walker just got here and of course hands out candy before starting the meeting. And how appropriate, Twizzlers, can't get anything that isn't red. Now the meeting is about to start... wait Michelle Shin is on the phone with Vicky Hurst's mom.

Ok, Walker now starts the meeting off by thanking everyone for everything throughout the day. He then moves quickly into his encouragement for the week and how the team needs to stay strong and pick each other up all week. He stresses to them how much being a team matters and how them being relentless all week is what is going to bring the Canon Cup back to the East. All throughout, players are chiming in and you can tell they are ready to play tomorrow. Bud Cauley is cheering on Walker (also mentioning how much he loves it when Walker speaks). Spencer Cole is refusing to accept the fact that any team might be down once matches start and overall there is a great aura in the room right now.
Sorry, Vicky's mom called again.

Walker summed up the meeting in a way that only he could, and I quote, "You guys didn't get here by sucking." And closing the meeting, in true Walker Hill fashion, the team brought it in emphatically to close out the night.

Stay tuned for more updates from Canon Cup and how the East Team is playing.
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After further review...
by Steve Ethun, AJGA Communications Tuesday, July 31, 2007 - 7:19 AM
Maybe it was Walker Hill's red golf ball, or the fact that Beth Reuter made most of us close our eyes when she dribbled her shot toward the cameras out in front of the tee box, but I owe an apology to Hill for describing his shot as a shank. Evidently, in my amazement in Reuter's shot (that it didn't plunk Sara Wagoner), I missed a decent shot by the East Canon Cup Captain. "I flushed it down the left side," he clarified in tournament headquarters this morning." I even had a poster last night that claimed "he could have made an easy par from his position." To put this to bed, he caught the left fairway bunker, about 170 yards from the green. "I definitely could have made par from there," he said with a smile.
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How the West Will Be Won...
by Becca Staed, Communications Intern Monday, July 30, 2007 - 11:29 PM
Come Thursday you will have read everything from my coverage of the West Team at the 2007 Canon Cup so that you can fill in the dots. I could go on about why West is the best, but you will find out. Indeed, today was the Opening Ceremonies here at Canon Cup. After the bagpipe and kilt procession and a not-to-be-missed moment when West Team Captain Beth Reuter shanked her inaugural tee shot far left and nearly took out our videographer Wags, dinner was served and the pairings were revealed. (Note: I am a Westie, but Walker deserves major props for his red suit.)

West Team could appropriately be renamed "Team Stacked." Let's review with an example: West team members Cory Whitsett and Kristen Park are this year's U.S. Junior Amateur Champions. And Jenny Shin was last year's U.S. Girls' Junior Champion. This team's resume spells victory. In tonight's team meeting, Beth spoke on having solid team spirit and working hard for every point. She also answered match play rules questions and expressed pride for how hard every member has worked to get here and over the past two days in practice. I spoke with four team members from the West after their meeting.

Tomorrow, U.S. Junior Champ Cory Whitsett and Josh Jones will go against Team East members Peter Uihlein and Arnond "Bank" Vongvanij. Whitsett and Jones said that they would be birdie machines and the winning team. These fireballs are ready to take on the East without a doubt. The games haven't begun, but Whitsett said this event is already more fun than he imagined. He said he is a bit tired from the U.S. Junior, but he is going to play hard. Go for team spirit. Also lined up for tomorrow is a lethal pair - Shin and Park, who will play Vicky Hurst and Lindy Duncan. They both said that they feel confident about tomorrow because they have a lot of trust in each other and because they complement each other on the course.

Check out tomorrow's pairings on the Canon Cup Web site. Also, tomorrow you can find more stories and updates from your friendly neighborhood West Team reporter right here.
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Special Note about the pairings
by Steve Ethun, AJGA Communications Monday, July 30, 2007 - 8:43 PM
AJGA Rules Official Jason Ross asked me to explain why the West is listed above the East in the pairings... a position the West will enjoy (maybe?) the rest of the event. The simple answer is that the West Team has the honor on the first tee, a benefit the team earned by winning the 2006 Canon Cup.
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Pairings Posted
by Steve Ethun, AJGA Communications Monday, July 30, 2007 - 8:09 PM
The Captains just left the podium....

Just posted the pairings... Check them out at the Canon Cup Web site:

I'm working on updating the front page, just click on "Matches"
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How 'bout a mulligan?
by Steve Ethun, AJGA Communications Monday, July 30, 2007 - 7:24 PM
We'll need to get some video posted of the captains' ceremonial tee shots, shanks both Beth Reuter and Walker Hill wish they had another swing at, rest assured. Both made photographers flinch on the first tee at The Honors Course... definitely the worst swings we'll see all week. Well, off to the Welcome Dinner... Dessert is being served, and I never miss dessert. Pairings for tomorrow to follow.
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Grand Opening
by Steve Ethun, AJGA Communications Monday, July 30, 2007 - 5:38 PM
About to head over to the Opening Ceremonies and get this year's Canon Cup underway. Spotted East Captain Walker Hill decked out in a red suit... said he bought it off Ebay. All he had to do was search 'red suit' and 1 day, 46 minutes later it was his. Something tells me West Captain Beth Reuter will be in something a little more fashionable by today's standards.

The captains will be doing a live draw at this evening's welcome dinner, so I'll do the best I can with getting tomorrow's starting times posted as quickly as possible.

I can hear the bagpiper warming up... better get moving.
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In 2006, the West Team defeated the East Team 31-19. This year the East Team looks to gain back the elusive title that they have not held since 2004.
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