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When I met the rest of my intern team in May, I wondered if it would really turn out like everyone said. Would we really make it through the summer as a family? Or would all of the close quarters and physical labor and travel leave us hating each other and longing for other company? Now I can honestly say that the rest of team 3 has become my family.

- Alex Wood, Communications Intern, Class of 2016

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The AJGA’s motto has always been ‘Developing Golf’s Next Generation.’ Though most people think that that specifically applies to players, it also includes those of us who wanted to pursue a career in golf. The experiences that I had as an intern and a full-time staff member were invaluable. I am a better golf administrator today because of the time I spent with the AJGA. To this day I am very proud of that.

- Ben Kimball, Director, U.S. Amateur Championship and U.S. Women’s Open Championship, USGA

- Operations Intern, Class of 2002

I have loved this experience so far. Everyone I have come in contact with has been awesome and I am having so much fun and learning a lot. The AJGA is first class and this summer has been phenomenal. I am so thankful and appreciative to have been chosen. I just wish the summer would slow down!

- Solomon Hughes, Communications Intern, Class of 2016

My overall experience this summer has truly been a dream come true! Being a part of the AJGA family has only made me want to do more for the AJGA.

I feel I have found my niche in event planning because of this internship.

I not only have met so many people along the way, I have met more of myself. It is amazing what you can find out about yourself when put in a different situation (travel, new cities, new friends, etc.).

- Macey Brock, Operations Intern, Class of 2016

Overall, I enjoyed my experience. I knew going into this it would be out of my comfort zone, and an opportunity for a lot of growth. I’m proud of myself for finishing strong and gaining this experience. I learned a lot in just a short amount of time and at the end, I know I have taken a lot away.

- Brianna Cheek, Communications Intern, Class of 2016

I have absolutely loved this internship. I have learned so much about myself as well as how to run a golf tournament. I did not play competitive golf growing up so I had no idea how much went into running a tournament. I love meeting new people every week and getting to know all the players.

- Kevin Bowman, Operations Inters, Class of 2016

I have learned so much about myself and have developed leadership skills I wasn't certain I had. Working for a company with such a high standard has taught me to always do everything 100%. I never thought I'd have a passion for junior golf, but this internship has taught me otherwise. It has been amazing to see certain kids week-to-week and being told that a family had been looking forward to seeing you again or that a player is excited for you to be their rules official again. It has been an invaluable summer and I am excited to see where it takes me!

- Caila Roberts, Operations Intern, Class of 2016

The life and leadership experiences I learned as an AJGA intern have served me throughout my career. The critical thinking, decision making and challenge of responsibility make the AJGA culture special.

- Peter Ripa, Chief Executive Officer, Farmers Insurance Open, PGA TOUR

- Operations Intern, Class of 1985-86

Applying for this internship has been the best decision of my life. I've learned more these past few months than I feel like I did in college. I've traveled to places I only dreamed of going one day. Getting to work with a group of individuals from all types of backgrounds and making those connections are only added bonuses. I couldn't picture my summer being any better than this!

- Lauren Durbin, Operations Intern, Class of 2016