February 17 - 20, 2017
The Woodlands, TX

Invitational Criteria:

  1. Top 65 boys based on the AJGA Rankings as of November 29, 2016 which will include ranked events ending the previous week*
  2. Additional Tournament Spots**

* Subsequent invitations will be sent using the most current revision of the AJGA Rankings which will be reflected on the Invitational Priority List available after the initial application deadline. Invitational Priority Lists are available on the AJGA Rankings homepage.

** Additional tournament spots are allocated to local supporters who help the AJGA conduct each event. Providing these spots to award to talented junior golfers is a means for the AJGA to show appreciation for the efforts and support of our extended team. The AJGA will not accept any requests or relay contact information for these spots either directly or indirectly. Attempts to solicit the AJGA or others associated with the event are strongly discouraged.
1 27 Sampson-Yunhe Zheng FL202026.11
2 33 Turner Hosch TX201923.82
3 40 Frankie Capan MN201822.16
4 41 William Mouw CA201921.9
5 45 Fred Biondi FL201920.55
6 47 Noah Gillard IN201820.12
7 50 Alexander Yang CA202118.95
8 58 Jake Beber-Frankel FL202016.64
9 59 Cameron Sisk CA201816.63
10 64 Ryggs Johnston MT201915.78