* Back left to front right

Tim Jackman - Communications Director
Trevor Beshear - Communications Coordinator
Roseanna Smith - VP of Communications
Annabeth McKay - Communications Coordinator
Phil Poupore - Communications Manager
Hailey Hernandez - Communications Manager
* Back left to front right

Kevin Rinker - Senior Vice President, Development
Bobby Puchner - Director of Development
Debbie Keplin - Development Coordinator
Beth Dockter - Director of Youth Development
Reginia Dubon - Development Support
*(Back left to front right)

Scott Carlson - VP of Finance
Jason Miller - Chief Financial Officer
L.B. VanFleet - Purchasing Coordinator
Chris Larson - Purchasing Director
Sonya Parker - Accounts Payable Manager
Laura Shatzel - Manager of Finance
Human Resources
*left to right

Teresa McKain - Director of HR
Lauren Shelly - Director of Training & Development
Blair Thompson - Director of Recruiting
Information Technology
* left to right

Robert Francis - Project Manager
Patricia Register - Business Relations Manager
* Back left to front right

James Kraszeski - Property Manager
Mary Louise McDade - Receptionist
Mary Ann Cowgur - Executive Assistant
Andrew Greenfield - Vice President of Operations
Tyler Sumner - Director of Rules & Competitions
Nathan Nottrott - Director of Tournament Operations

Tournament Directors:

Shannon Dudzinski, James O'Brian, Caila Roberts, Madison Scudder, Darci Bevan, Maddie Hearney, Sam Joe, David McCaskill, Katie Nord, Melanie Sands, Connor Sullivan
Player Services
* left to right

Riley Tracy - Vice President of Player Services
Sam Andress - Player Services Coordinator
Peggy Rowland - Player Services Representative
Patrick McGuire - Performance Based Recognition System Coordinator
Jordana Roberts - Tournament Administration Manager
Collins Mugume - Member Services Coordinator
Tournament Business Affairs
* Back left to front right

Ryan Flanagan - Regional Director, Midwest
Adam Rogers - Regional Director, Florida
Solomon Hughes - Regional Director, South Central
Patrick Cansfield - Regional Director, Southeast
Brett Polachek - Regional Director, Northwest
Houston Denney - Regional Director, Southwest
Madi Hearney - Regional Manager, West
Madeline Bond – Regional Manager, South Central
Scott Geary - Director of Business Development
Patrick Plank - Regional Director, Northeast
Shannon Dudzinski – Regional Manager, Southeast
Caila Roberts – Regional Manager, Northeast