* Back left to front right

Tim Jackman - Communications Director
Trevor Beshear - Communications Coordinator
Roseanna Smith - VP of Communications
Annabeth McKay - Communications Coordinator
Phil Poupore - Communications Coordinator
Hailey Hernandez - Communications Coordinator
* Back left to front right

Kevin Rinker - Senior Vice President, Development
Bobby Puchner - Director of Development
Debbie Keplin - Development Coordinator
Beth Dockter - Director of Youth Development
Reginia Dubon - Development Support
*(Back left to front right)

Scott Carlson - VP of Finance
Jason Miller - Chief Financial Officer
L.B. VanFleet - Purchasing Coordinator
Chris Larson - Purchasing Director
Sonya Parker - Accounts Payable Manager
Laura Shatzel - Manager of Finance
Human Resources
*left to right

Teresa McKain - Director of HR
Lauren Shelly - Director of Training & Development
Blair Thompson - Director of Recruiting
Information Technology
* left to right

Robert Francis - Project Manager
Patricia Register - Business Relations Manager
* Back left to front right

James Kraszeski - Property Manager
Mary Louise McDade - Receptionist
Mary Ann Cowgur - Executive Assistant
Andrew Greenfield - Vice President of Operations
Tyler Sumner - Director of Rules & Competitions
Nathan Nottrott - Director of Tournament Operations

Tournament Directors:

Madeline Bond, Carly Ragains, Shannon Dudzinski, Tanner Hall, James O'Brian, Cameron Roedel, Caila Roberts, Madison Scudder, Darci Bevan, Maddie Hearney, Sam Joe, David McCaskill, Katie Nord, Melanie Sands, Connor Sullivan
Player Services
* left to right

Riley Tracy - Vice President of Player Services
Sam Andress - Player Services Coordinator
Peggy Rowland - Player Services Representative
Patrick McGuire - Performance Based Recognition System Coordinator
Jordana Roberts - Tournament Administration Manager
Collins Mugume - Member Services Coordinator
Tournament Business Affairs
* Back left to front right

Ryan Flanagan - Regional Director, Midwest
Adam Rogers - Regional Director, Florida
Solomon Hughes - Regional Director, South Central
Patrick Cansfield - Regional Director, Southeast
Brett Polachek - Regional Director, Northwest
Houston Denney - Regional Director, Southwest
Madi Hearney - Regional Manager, West
Madeline Bond – Regional Manager, South Central
Scott Geary - Director of Business Development
Patrick Plank - Regional Director, Northeast
Shannon Dudzinski – Regional Manager, Southeast
Caila Roberts – Regional Manager, Northeast