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the #aimhighscorelow video series presented by foley performance academy @ eaglesdream emphasizes sean foley's philosophy of coaching: research and train your body to be the best athlete you can.

to be a strong golfer, you must start by assessing your inner strength.

this series will teach you to understand those strengths as a person and a golfer. there is more to golf than just your swing. learning the philosophy first is key.

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JULY 2017



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Sean Foley


renowned pga tour golf instructor sean foley partnered with eaglesdream in 2017 to establish the foley performance academy @ eaglesdream. foley works most notably with olympic champion and ajga tournament host justin rose and has twice been featured on the cover of golf digest.

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july: The PLAYERS Champion Insider

augUST: Focusing on Practice

sept - PART I: Pre-shot Routine

sept - part ii: Trackman

oct: tbd

nov: tbd

dec: tbd

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