JuniorLinks.com Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Site offers valuable search engine to find local junior golf programs

This winter, kids, parents and junior golf program directors will have the ability to search almost 1,000 junior golf programs while having access to new animated greeting cards and a special trivia game when they visit JuniorLinks.com.

JuniorLinks, developed by the U.S. Golf Association, is the one-stop resource for locating information on junior golf programs and primary communication tool for the junior golf community. All three of these offerings are part of JuniorLinks’ one-year anniversary celebration.

“This generation of golfers isn’t just spending their days on the course, they’re spending time on the computer as well. We’ve worked very hard to expand JuniorLinks to be one of the most comprehensive junior golf resources around. In addition, we hope to show visitors that our new features are interactive, engaging and educational,” said Jessica Turnwald, USGA Foundation Coordinator.

During this phase of new development, the focus has been on tailoring subject matter to kids. JuniorLinks’ new greeting cards are free and are available in three different formats: birthday, general greeting card and a special registration reminder card that junior golf programs across the country can send to members and potential members. They can be found at www.juniorlinks.com/greetings. The new trivia game, “Trivia Challenge,” focuses on areas such as golf history, player records, rules and much more. JuniorLinks’ mascot, “Waggle,” and a unique cast of caddies will challenge your knowledge of golf. The trivia game can be found atwww.juniorlinks.com/games.

“We’re pleased to have come so far during the site’s inaugural year,” said Ruffin Beckwith, Executive Director of GOLF 20/20, “JuniorLinks.com not only addressed a need for an online junior golf program database, but now offers expansive resources for anyone interested in giving a kid a start in this great game.”

The GOLF 20/20 Junior Initiative, an effort to enhance the growth of the game by recognizing junior golfers as the game’s future, originally launched JuniorLinks.com in November 2001 after its development made possible by USGA funding.

AJGA Executive Director Stephen Hamblin is a member of the GOLF 20/20 Junior Task Force.