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2022 AJGA Membership

Please complete the membership application in one sitting and make sure to have a valid credit/debit card on hand.

Your name will appear exactly as entered here for player bag tags, tournament results and official records. Please use care regarding spelling and first letter capitalization.

If you are completing a membership renewal and this is your first time logging in to the new Player Center, please click Forgot Password to create a new password for your account. The password reset link will be sent to the primary email address on your account.

If you are signing up or renewing as a Non-Member, you will use this page to complete the Non-Member application.


The non-refundable AJGA membership you are preparing to submit will expire Nov. 30, 2022, and you will need to renew to participate in 2023. You should join or renew at this point ONLY if you wish to apply to a 2022 tournament or 2022 qualifier and/or you have already gained entry or qualified into a tournament.

See individual event websites for specific application deadlines. As an example, the Tournament Application Deadline for tournaments taking place Aug. 22 – 26 is July 19, 2022. The AJGA Qualifier Application Release date is July 22, 2022 for qualifying events taking place Aug. 21 & 22.

Non-acceptance into an event to which you apply will not warrant a membership refund. Please call Player Services with any questions or to verify the status of remaining events this season (770-868-4200).
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If mailing address is outside the U.S., your membership cost will be an additional $25.
You will be displayed online as graduating in [Graduation Year] to allow you to maintain eligibility for AJGA participation during that year. You must still meet the age requirement of being no older than 18 on January 1 of [Graduation Year] and have not started college. You will also need to register in all other junior golf tournaments using [Graduation Year] to avoid missing any PBE earnings and ranking points. If you do NOT want to be listed as graduating in [Graduation Year] please contact Player Services.