Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions/Membership
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    When is the right time for a player to get started with the AJGA?
    A player is eligible to participate in AJGA events as early as age 12. If a 12-year old has been competing in at least 18-hole events, it might be time to start playing the one-day AJGA Qualifiers associated with AJGA Junior All-Star Series tournaments (for 12- to 15-year-olds only). Use the Yardage and Scoring Averages by Series to assess if your child might be competitive. In general, a player with competitive skills who gets an early start will be able to build confidence and Performance Based Entry earnings. They will also be in a better position to easily gain entry into AJGA tournaments when college recruiting becomes the focus during high school.
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    Where do I find my Member ID number?
    The confirmation email sent after you submit your membership application includes your ID number.
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    I see the AJGA logo on another junior golf organization’s website, is this an AJGA event?
    An AJGA logo on another organization’s website simply indicates that the tournament is one that the AJGA has approved to be recognized for AJGA Performance Based Entry. The AJGA will award Performance Based Entry status to the top finisher(s) in that event as defined on the AJGA PBE Map. The organization conducting the tournament is responsible for tournament operations, asking the AJGA for approval to be recognized for PBE and submitting results in timely manner to ensure PBE is awarded to top finishers as stated on the AJGA PBE Map.
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    What is the biggest difference in the three types of memberships?
    The Junior Plus membership is for high school players who will use college golf recruiting tools. The Junior membership is the basic membership required to play in any AJGA event. The Future Player membership is a non-playing membership for those too young to participate or juniors who want to be an AJGA member but do not intend to play in any events. Refer to Membership Information for a list of specific benefits included with each membership type.
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    How do I access my TaylorMade and adidas discounts?
    As the National Sponsors of the AJGA, TaylorMade and adidas each offer exclusive discounts program for AJGA members.

    The TaylorMade discount is 30% and the adidas discount is 30% for golf items and 20% for non-golf items. Get instructions to activate each account by clicking on the Member Benefits link inside the AJGA Player Center.

    The TaylorMade benefit is activated within `10 business days after joining the AJGA but is only available to Junior and Junior Plus members.

    Activation in the adidas system can take up to six weeks after joining or renewing an AJGA membership.
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    How can I view my swing video?
    A Junior Plus member may view his or her video in the AJGA Junior Plus Profile section inside the Player Center. If you have emailed a video, please allow up to three weeks for the video to be added to the site.
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    How do I submit a swing video?
    To send in your own Swing Video, follow the instructions below.

    1. Record your video on a high-quality device. The AJGA recommends a mobile device manufactured in the past three years or HD video camera.

    NOTE: For phone or tablet users: film horizontally (on an iPhone, volume
    buttons should be on top).

    2. Film your swing with a driver and a 5-iron.

    3. Film both club swings from two different positions:

    · Behind the Player - Stand directly behind the player during the driver and iron shots

    · Facing the player - Stand to the side (face on) of the player during the driver and iron shots

    4. The player should hit a golf ball for each swing.

    5. Stand close enough to the player to see a complete swing but at a safe distance. During the video, the entire club should be visible.

    For mobile device users: avoid using an internal zoom as this degrades the video quality.

    Record the four videos individually so you four separate videos.

    E-mail all four videos to

    Please include the player’s name and member ID number in your email. Depending on the file size of the videos, you need to send each video in a separate e-mail.

    Swing videos can also be recorded by AJGA staff on-site at every event.
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    How do I change my Personal information?
    Please log into the Player Center and click on Update Your Info if your membership type is Junior or Future Player. Junior Plus members can change their personal information and populate their entire Junior Plus profile by selecting the "Junior Plus Profile" tab in the Player Center. If you notice an error or need to change any of the following: Graduation Year, Birthdate, Name, State of Residence, Country of Residence and Citizenship – please contact Player Services.
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    What is the ACE Grant? Is financial assistance available?
    The Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) Grant program provides financial assistance to junior golfers who wish to play in AJGA events. Its goal is to give top-flight golf opportunities to young golfers regardless of financial resources. This program helps to fulfill the AJGA’s mission of developing young men and women who aspire to earn college golf scholarships through competitive junior golf.

    To apply for the ACE Grant, you must first become an AJGA member, then you can log into the Player Center to submit the ACE Grant application. Prior to joining you can review information about the ACE Grant on
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    Where can I find information about AJGA’s ranking system?
    There is an entire section of our website devoted to the details of the Rolex AJGA Rankings.
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    Where can I find information about the “New Rules of Golf” in effect starting in 2019?
    Any active AJGA member will see a red box when logging into the Player Center. This box is specifically there to draw your attention to the Modernization of the Rules of Golf. The link “Click here to learn more” in the red box will get you directly to a video that goes through each change.
Performance Based Entry Questions
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    Can a player earn AJGA Performance Stars before becoming a member?
    Yes, AJGA Performance Stars can be earned before becoming a member but membership is required in order to use earned Performance Stars to help with tournament acceptance.
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    What is the best way to earn AJGA Performance Stars?
    There are over 1,100 non-AJGA events in which one or more AJGA Performance Stars can be earned by one or more competitors. This is one way for a junior golfer to start accumulating AJGA Performance Stars before and after becoming an AJGA member. However, the best way to earn AJGA Performance Stars when starting out is to play as many AJGA one-day Qualifiers as possible because every player who finishes in the top 50% of the Qualifier will earn a Performance Star.
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    How do I know if my son or daughter earned AJGA Performance Stars at non-AJGA events? Can I see which ones?
    An AJGA member can see where all his or her Performance Stars were earned during the current and previous year while logged into the Player Center. The PBE History link in the upper right provides the details about the Performance Stars in the member’s record.
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    How many AJGA Performance Stars are required to get into events?
    The number of Performance Stars needed to gain entry into an AJGA tournament (Open or ACDS Junior All-Star) varies from tournament to tournament. Tournament location, date and field size all contribute to the number of Performance Stars players will need to gain entry. To see the number needed for any tournament already fielded, go to that tournament site by clicking on the tournament name on the schedule, then selecting Field and Tee Times, then Tournament Fields. At the top of the list of players in the field you will see the number of Performance Stars that were needed to gain entry. This does not mean it will be the same in the future.
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    Do I use my AJGA Performance Stars when I get into a tournament? And if so, how many?
    Yes, Performance Stars are “spent” when a member gains entry into the field in any way except via the Qualifier. For Open tournaments, 4 earned Performance Stars are deducted and for ACDS Junior All-Star tournaments, 1 earned Performance Star is deducted. Performance Stars given for membership are never deducted for tournament entry. For Senior Showcase tournaments, PBE is not deducted for tournament entry.
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    How long does PBE that has been earned last?
    Any Performance Stars that are earned will last for the duration of the year (until deducted for tournament entry) and will also be available one more time the following year (until deducted for tournament entry). Fully Exempt status will be with the player for the duration of the year it is earned as well as the entire following season.
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    What’s the difference between AJGA earned Performance Stars and AJGA membership stars?
    AJGA membership Performance Stars are good for one season and cannot be deducted when the member is accepted into a tournament. AJGA earned Performance Stars are good for the remainder of the season earned (until deducted for tournament entry) and the following season (until deducted for tournament entry).
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    If I am Fully Exempt, does that mean I get into everything I apply to?
    Fully Exempt status is the highest level of PBE and in most cases means the member can be accepted into any tournament applied to. There have been tournaments in which there were more Fully Exempt applicants than tournament spots and all did not gain entry, so Fully Exempt status is not a guarantee of tournament acceptance. The published tie-breaker found in the PBE Overview is used to determine which Fully Exempt applicants gain entry in this situation.
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    When are AJGA Performance Stars updated?
    Performance Stars are updated prior to every AJGA Tournament Application deadline provided that the event in which the Performance Stars are earned finishes no later than Sunday prior to the Application Deadline AND the results were uploaded by the deadline to do so.
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    I don’t see some of my stars that I earned, where did they go?
    At the end of each AJGA season, Performance Stars earned the previous year expire and are removed from the member’s record.
Event Related
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    When do events open for application?
    Tournament applications typically open according to the following schedule:
    • January and February tournaments - open in November of the previous year
    • March through May tournaments - open by late January
    • June tournaments through the end of the season - open by early March

    Opening dates for tournament applications are not currently posted online. However, the AJGA Weekly Preview email will tell you throughout the season when specific tournaments open for application. Because AJGA tournaments are not filled first-come, first-served, it is extremely important to understand the tournament application deadline date and time for each tournament. Tournament application deadlines are available on each individual tournament website and on the Dates to Remember page.
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    How do I apply for AJGA events?
    Event applications are available to members inside the AJGA Player Center. Once you have joined the AJGA, you will receive your Member ID # via e-mail and you can log in to the Player Center. Once your proof-of-age documentation has been accepted you can start applying to events.

    After logging in to the Player Center, click on the tab "Apply to Events" and then select the category of event you want to apply to. Check the specific event, complete the application and submit it. Your application will at that point be pending. The initial field for each event is posted after the Application Deadline or the end of the Application Window, based on the type of event.

    When applying to "Tournaments,” a member may apply to multiple tournaments that occur during overlapping dates as a way to increase his chance of being accepted into a tournament field. There will be a $10 non-refundable processing fee per event (beyond the first) which will be assessed upon application. If you apply to multiple tournaments that occur during overlapping dates, you MUST indicate the priority for each tournament. This will help the AJGA as we determine the fields for those tournaments should you meet the requirements for entry into more than one tournament. You can select or change your priority order in the Player Center under Application Summary. Priority selection is available online until the tournament application deadline. If a priority is not selected by the application deadline, the AJGA will assign the priority for you. Please note that indicating priority order is NOT a guarantee of acceptance into a tournament or your top priority choice. If you are accepted into a lower priority tournament applied to during a particular week, you CANNOT remain as an alternate for other(s).

    For a complete list of event application deadline dates click here.

    Please remember that submitting a tournament application does NOT guarantee acceptance into that event.

    AJGA members should apply to AJGA Qualifiers during the application window which begins the Friday after the corresponding tournament application deadline at 3 pm ET and runs through Monday, Noon ET. The order applications are received has no effect on the AJGA Qualifier field. However, players must apply within this window to be considered for the initial field. Players who apply after this point may be placed on an alternate list, after those who applied during the application window, in the order they are received.

    Please Note: Players who apply to AJGA tournaments and do not gain entry are NOT automatically moved to the AJGA Qualifier for that tournament. They must submit a separate AJGA Qualifier application.

    Space permitting, non-members may apply one week following the AJGA Qualifier application opening to AJGA members. For information on obtaining an AJGA Non-Member ID click here.
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    How do I know if I've been accepted to an AJGA event?
    AJGA membership does not guarantee acceptance into an AJGA event.

    Once a field is initially posted, those who applied will be sent an e-mail stating if they were accepted or not. You can view the status of all your event applications via the AJGA Player Center Application Summary. After tournament and qualifier fields are finalized and posted, you will be able to view your updated application status there. Accepted tournament and AJGA Qualifier fields, as well as qualifier alternate lists, will also be posted on each event website.

    The AJGA will post finalized tournament fields at Noon ET at the Friday following the tournament application deadline unless stated otherwise. Finalized AJGA Qualifier fields and alternate lists will be posted on Tuesday at 5 pm ET following the release of the application.

    Players who apply to AJGA tournaments and do not gain entry are NOT automatically moved to the AJGA Qualifier for that event. They must submit a separate AJGA Qualifier application.
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    How much does it cost?
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    I’ve applied to a tournament or a qualifier, but I can’t see where to pay.
    You do NOT pay for a tournament fee or qualifier fee until you have been accepted into the field. If you are accepted into the field, you must pay by the date posted by logging into the Player Center. The AJGA will post finalized tournament fields at the Friday following the tournament application deadline and will post qualifier fields on Tuesdays, one day after the end of the qualifier application window. It is the member's responsibility to find tournament and qualifier fields at Click Here to View AJGA Event Fees. All processing fees (applying to more than one tournament in a given week) are non-refundable.
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    What credit cards can I use to pay for membership and AJGA events?
    The AJGA accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
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    If I join the AJGA and become a member, will I be guaranteed entry into tournaments?
    Membership does not guarantee entry into tournaments – the specific Entry Criteria for each tournament type is what guides tournament entry. However, there are specific AJGA events that new members should plan to target. One of the Junior Golf Hub Preview Series is highly accessible to a new member who is a high school junior or senior just getting started with the AJGA. One of the Junior Golf Hub Series for 12-15 year olds is highly accessible to a high school sophomore or freshman just getting started.

    Many of the Junior Golf Hub Preview Series tournaments will have tournament spots for members in younger classes than those specified above depending on the number of applicants for the high school classes mentioned that receive priority for tournament entry. Refer to the Entry Criteria for complete details. The AJGA Qualifier Series is the best way for a new member to get started with the AJGA. These 18-hole competitions provide the means to accumulate Performance Stars as well as an opportunity to earn a tournament spot based on performance during the Qualifier round.
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    I turn 19 during my senior year, am I still eligible to play AJGA events? What about gap years?
    A senior in high school who turns 19 on or after January 2 of his/her senior year is eligible to participate for the duration of that year provided he does not start college. Gap year play is not supported after December 31 following high school graduation.
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    I’m 15 now, but turn 16 during one of the tournament rounds of the ACDS Junior All-Star event, can I still play in the tournament or the Qualifier?
    A member must be no older than 15 for the entire duration of the ACDS Junior All-Star tournament in order to be eligible to apply and play in any portion of that event, including the Qualifier.
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    My child is an amazing 10-year old, can he play up to the ACDS Junior All-Star Series events?
    No, the firm minimum playing age for any AJGA member is 12.
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    If my child is 12-15 years old, can he/she only play in the ACDS Junior All-Star Series? Or can we still apply to Open tournaments?
    Any AJGA member can apply to Open tournaments. Just like the ACDS Junior All-Star Series, acceptance into Open tournaments depends on the number of Performance Stars each applicant has accumulated prior to the Tournament Application Deadline. In general, Junior All-Star tournament entry requires less Performance Stars than Open tournaments which is one reason most younger members should focus on that series while young enough to be eligible. Additionally, keep in mind that one Performance Star is deducted when accepted to an ACDS Junior All-Star tournament vs. four deducted when accepted to an Open tournament.
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    I don’t see an event on this year’s schedule, but it was on the previous year’s schedule, why is that?
    Tournaments can be contracted for a single season, a few or many seasons – they are not permanent or long term from the outset. There are some tournaments that have been on the AJGA schedule for more than 20 years while others, especially first year tournaments, may only take place one time. The AJGA also wants to be sure a new host venue is acceptable and the tournament structure is in place to warrant conducting the same tournament again.
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    Should I only apply to events that are near me?
    AJGA Qualifier events provide great opportunities to accumulate Performance Stars and possibly gain entry into the associated tournament. It makes sense to many to choose Qualifiers that are a reasonable drive from home. If you live in any area where AJGA membership is high, the demand for spots in Qualifiers and tournaments will be greater and that is when a member might consider an AJGA event in a different area. High school players may want to choose which events to apply to based on ability to gain entry to the tournament (i.e. minimum PBE status that may be needed) in addition to considering opportunities to visit colleges in the area of as well as on the way to and from the AJGA event. For members who have earned the ability to get accepted into AJGA tournaments via their PBE status, it can be beneficial to use the earnings to get yourself in front of a group of college coaches in a particular area and that may not be close to your home.
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    Is there any harm in applying to multiple events?
    Applying to multiple tournaments taking place during the same week or weekend can be an effective way to improve your chances of gaining entry into a tournament during that time. Some tournaments require fewer earned Performance Stars than others. By applying to more than one tournament, provided you have earned Performance Stars to work with, you may increase your chances of playing an AJGA tournament somewhere that week. There is a $10 processing fee assessed for any tournament over the first one applied to for a given week or weekend. Because applications for tournaments can be submitted up until the Application Deadline, a tip regarding the practice of applying to multiple tournaments the same week is to apply to your first choice and wait to see the PBE status being projected as the deadline gets very close. If the list starts looking like your PBE will be out of range, submit one or more applications to tournaments that appear to be within your PBE range and you will at the time be asked to prioritize the applications so Player Services can try to accommodate your top choice IF you have the PBE to make that field. Do not apply to a tournament you would not want to play. If you are accepted into a lower priority tournament applied to during a particular week or weekend, you CANNOT remain as an alternate for the other(s).
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    How do I sign up for the official tournament Practice Round?
    Once accepted into the tournament, log into the Player Center to sign up for the practice round. The link to signup will populate on the main screen of the Player Center under the tournament name.
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    I can’t play in the official tournament Practice Round, what should I do?
    It is NOT mandatory to play in the official tournament Practice Round, but we do recommend contacting the tournament director. As a reminder, the Players Registration and Meeting are mandatory and you must contact the tournament director if you are not able to attend those events.
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    How many AJGA events can I play in?
    AJGA members are allowed to play in a combined total of five AJGA Open tournaments and ACDS Junior All-Star Series events. NOTE: Members may compete in a maximum of four ACDS Junior All-Star Series tournaments per season. Invitationals and Junior Golf Hub Preview Series events do not count toward this total.
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    Is there a limit to the number of Junior Golf Hub Preview Series events that I can play in?
    Starting in 2017, players will only be allowed to play in one AJGA Junior Golf Hub Preview Series event. You may apply to multiple Junior Golf Hub Preview Series events, but if you gain entry into one, your application will be removed from the other Junior Golf Hub Preview events you applied to – including any you are currently on the alternate list for.
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    Do I have to play in Junior Golf Hub Preview Series event as my first AJGA tournament?
    You do not have to play in an AJGA Junior Golf Hub Preview Series event as your first AJGA tournament, but the Junior Golf Hub Preview Series is designed specifically for AJGA members who have not yet played/been accepted to an AJGA tournament. This series, conducted during the spring, offers these new and returning members the opportunity to start building Performance Based Entry status before application deadlines arrive for summer Open and ACDS Junior All-Star Series events.
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    Does the AJGA give preference based on graduation years?
    High school juniors are given priority into the following types of AJGA events:

    Junior Golf Hub Preview Series, AJGA (Open) Qualifiers and AJGA Open Tournaments in which a tie must be broken for the final tournament spots.

    Approximately 50% of the initial playing field is reserved for high school juniors in AJGA (Open) Qualifiers.
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    Why does the AJGA allow players who have already signed National Letters of Intent to play in their events?
    The AJGA definition of “junior golfer” as it relates to participating in AJGA events is “An amateur golfer who is 18 years old on January 1st is eligible for the entire calendar year provided they graduate high school that year. Once a player starts college they are no longer considered a junior golfer regardless of age.” There are many players each year who compete in AJGA events after signing a National Letter of Intent (any junior golfer who has graduated high school and started college is not eligible to play in AJGA events).

    The AJGA’s theory on this is very simple: We will not penalize a player who fits the definition of a junior golfer and who has already signed with a university by not allowing them access to our tournaments.

    There are still many honors and awards for which one can contend (e.g. Rolex Junior Player of the Year and Rolex Junior All-America honors).

    College coaches have asked the AJGA not to ban college signees from tournaments. It provides the coaches an opportunity to judge younger talent versus players who have already accepted college scholarships.
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    Where's my trophy?
    If you have any questions regarding trophies please contact the tournament director of the event.
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    Where can I find travel information for events?
    All travel information for tournaments can be found on the specific site created for that tournament, (accessible by clicking the tournament name from the schedule) the under the "Tournament Details" tab.
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    How do I withdraw from an AJGA event?
    To withdraw from an AJGA tournament or qualifier prior to the start of an event, please follow the steps below (The online withdrawal option will be available until 11:59:59 PM ET the day before the tournament's official practice round and until 11:59:59 PM ET the day before an AJGA Qualifier. If you need to withdraw after that point, you must contact the AJGA on-site Tournament Director in person). Also, please review the refund policy before withdrawing from an event.

    Note: Withdrawals CANNOT be submitted via email or phone.
    1. Login to the Player Center at with your Member ID Number and Password.
    2. Go to the tab “Withdraw from Events.”
    3. Select the type of event to withdraw from.
    4. Please read the “Important Withdrawal Information” by clicking on the corresponding link.
    5. You will see a list of events you have applied to or been accepted to. Click on the box to the left of the event from which you would like to withdraw (a check mark in the box means you have selected that event).
    6. Once the event has been selected, continue to fill out the required information (relationship to player and reason for withdrawal). Click “Submit” when complete.
    7. The next page will contain the withdrawal confirmation and list any event the player has selected to withdraw from. Please print this page.
    8. A confirmation will also be sent to your email addresses on file.
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    What should I expect at my first AJGA tournaments?
    Expect professional and courteous AJGA staff; expect quality venues; expect a safe environment; expect to live up to the AJGA Code of Conduct; expect to play by the Rules of Golf, with Rules Officials on course to assist you; expect to play against the top competition from your region and from across the country; expect a great tournament gift bag; expect to have fun; and expect a great overall experience.
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    I can't find what I'm looking for!
    Use our awesome search tool or call or email Player Services:
    (770) 868-4200 or
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    What are parents allowed to do/not do on course during the Tournament Practice Round?
    During a tournament practice round, parents are welcome to follow along with their son/daughter. Below are a few guidelines that we ask that you abide by:
    1. Spectators may walk with their child during the practice round and give advice.
    2. Spectators MUST NOT caddy for their child. All juniors are required to carry or push their own golf bag at all times.
    3. Please be aware of pace of play. There is a designated amount of time to complete the practice round. If players have not completed their round by this time they will be asked to leave the course.
    4. Please help care for the course by ensuring your child fills their divots and fixes their ball marks.
    5. In some cases, spectator carts may be allowed during the practice round. However, for safety reasons all players and spectators are NOT permitted to ride on the back of a golf cart at any time. Additionally, player’s clubs cannot be carried on the golf cart.
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    Are caddies allowed in AJGA competition?
    Caddies are not permitted in AJGA competition unless the specific event information states otherwise. Players must carry their bag or use a non-motorized push cart if allowed by the host facility.
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    What can I do if I forget to submit a Tournament Application before the Application Deadline?
    The only option for a member who misses a Tournament Application Deadline is to apply to that tournament’s Qualifier, if there is one. Tournament applications are available for weeks or months prior to Application Deadlines and all the Application Deadlines can be found in “Dates to Remember” found under the Tournament tab on
Qualifier Questions
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    Is there a limit to the number of qualifiers that I can play in?
    There is no limit to the number of qualifiers you can play in, but you cannot apply to more than one qualifier within the same week. If you have questions, please contact Player Services.
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    Do qualifiers affect my chances of getting into Junior Golf Hub Preview Series events?
    Since AJGA Qualifiers are not multi-day tournaments, they do NOT affect your chances of getting into an AJGA Junior Golf Hub Preview event.
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    If I qualify into a tournament via an AJGA Qualifier, do I have to play in that tournament?
    If you qualify into a tournament via an AJGA Qualifier, you do NOT have to play in the tournament. The AJGA Qualifiers are a great way to earn more Performance Stars. In the scoring tent, players will be asked to circle PLAY or NOT PLAY at the bottom of their scorecard and this will indicate to the AJGA staff what the player’s preference will be.
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    If I qualify into a tournament and cannot play that tournament, would I be able to get directly into another tournament?
    No, the AJGA Qualifier you play in is ONLY good to play in the corresponding tournament, not any other event on the schedule. However, you would still receive any earned Performance Stars you would have gained from playing in the AJGA Qualifier should you choose not to play in the tournament.
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    If I apply to the qualifier, what is the likelihood that I will qualify for the tournament or even earn PBE?
    Approximately 10% of the AJGA Qualifier field will qualify into the actual Tournament. The exact number of spots will be posted on-site at the AJGA Qualifier. Players who qualify and accept a spot in the tournament do NOT forfeit Performance Based Entry status earned in the AJGA Qualifier. If you finish in the top 50% of the AJGA Qualifier field (in either division), you will receive at least one AJGA Performance Star.
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    If I qualify into a tournament via an AJGA Qualifier, does that tournament still count as one of my 5 total?
    Yes, it does still count as part of the five total tournaments played.
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    How can a non-member apply to an AJGA Qualifier?
    Players with an AJGA non-member ID who have submitted proof of age are eligible to submit applications to AJGA Qualifiers starting the Friday following the date the initial Qualifier field is posted on provided that the Qualifier is not full or does not have a sufficient alternate list. The specific dates that each non-member Qualifier application will open can be found on each tournament microsite and in “Dates to Remember” found under the Tournament tab on