Care for the Course

Learn the importance of the AJGA's Care for the Course policy.
“As in anything in life, you leave it better than you found it. As a staff and as host members we greatly appreciate the Care for the Course program as it improves the playability of the course for all.”
Josh LePine, Superintendent at The Legend at Bristlecone

Caring for the course has always been a priority within the AJGA. In an attempt to revolutionize the way junior golfers take care of tournament courses, the AJGA provides small, lightweight sand bottles to each player on the first tee. The goal of this initiative is to ensure that a course is constantly cared for throughout all tournament rounds. As participants make their way around the course, they are required to use the sand bottles to fill their divots as they go. A sand-refilling station is located at every hole. With this program, the AJGA aims to instil good habits that will impact a junior’s entire career and our partner courses appreciate the attention to detail.