AJGA Staff Members Make Waves at PGA/USGA Rules School

11 earn the highest level of rating set forth by the PGA and USGA

Five days a week for the past five weeks, the AJGA Operations Department has done nothing but eat, sleep and live the Rules of Golf. From January 8 to February 15, each morning for the 18 members of the Operations Department started at 7:30 a.m. in the AJGA Headquarters Board Room. Each day began with a quiz on the Rule of the Day followed by a review of the quiz and a discussion of the next day's rule. Each Friday, the Operations Department was met with a test similar to the PGA/USGA Rules Exam to be taken down the road.

After five weeks and endless hours of quizzes, tests, exercises, reviews and questions, the AJGA Operations Department participated in the PGA/USGA Rules of Golf Workshop held in Lexington, Ky., February 17-20. This was one of 19 four-day workshops hosted by the PGA and USGA this year. The Operations Department attended three days of review before diving into the 100-question PGA/USGA Rules Exam on the final day. The test consisted of 50 closed-book questions and 50 open-book questions, which lasted for three and a half hours.

The outcome of the test was very successful for the AJGA Operations Department. Achieving a 92 or better on the exam means achieving the highest level of rating under the standards set by the PGA and USGA. This year, 11 tournament directors achieved 92 or better on the exam with Tournament Director Jeremy Freyman and Senior Tournament Director Tommy Tangtiphaiboontana matching the AJGA record score of 99. Additionally, six tournament directors and coordinators achieved a 92 or better for the first time. The average test score among the 18 members of the Operations Department was just over 90, which is quite a feat in itself.

After six full weeks of taking in the Rules of Golf, one thing is certain: the AJGA Operations Department is ready for all the unique and exciting rulings the AJGA’s 81 tournaments have to offer.