New Tournament Withdrawal Policy in Effect for 2007 Season

The AJGA has updated its tournament withdrawal policy, effective for the 2007 season. There are several changes in the way withdrawals will now be classified.

There is no longer an unjustified withdrawal; instead, disqualification penalities that occur due to intent or deliberate decision by the player will be listed as no cards or no shows. An example of a no card is a player walking off a golf course without signing his or her scorecard. If a player failed to show up for a second-round tee time and did not notify the tournament director prior, that would be classified as a no-show. The type of withdrawal a junior receives will now be posted next to the player's name on all results.

The new withdrawal policy is more in line with the USGA Rules of Golf and better classifies the reasoning for a disqualification penalty. It will also better inform coaches of why players have left a tournament.

The qualifier withdrawal policy has also been updated. To see the complete updated withdrawal policies, please click on the links below.

Tournament Withdrawal Policy
Qualifier Withdrawal Policy