Upper Body Strength for Juniors

Here is a safe and effective routine for building upper body strength in any junior.

This program is a series of 14 exercises that are completely safe for juniors of any age. Our philosphy on training juniors is to focus on body weight training exercises only until their body is completely developed. We will usually keep our clients in body weight training mode until they are are at least a junior in high school.

The following program was partially developed by Tom House - one of our advisory members from the National Pitching Association.

Here are some basic guidelines for this junior upper body strength program:

1. Use body weight for resistance versus weights.
2. Perform all of these exercises in series and then repeat if able.
3. If there is any discomfort, stop the exercise.
4. Increase your reps once this routine becomes easy.
5. Most important - have fun!

Visit this link to view videos on how to perform the following upper body exercises that work especially well for junior golfers.

• Arm circles
• Integrated Shoulder Flexibility 1
• Integrated Shoulder Flexibility 2
• Push Ups on Ball
• Prone Planks
• Ts Ys Ls Ws - Swiss Ball
• Tennis Ball Squeeze
• Straight Arm Push Ups

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