Player Policies

Glossary of Pace of Play Terms


Bad times: A player has recorded a bad time when he has taken in excess of 40 seconds to play a shot once it is his turn to play and there are no distractions.

Double red card (potential one-stroke penalty): The group is out of position, behind overall time par through that checkpoint AND did not make its required checkpoint-to-checkpoint time determined at the last red card checkpoint.

Gap time: Time used to measure a group’s position on the golf course relative to the group in front of them. The AJGA uses a standard gap time of 14 minutes (e.g. defined as 00:14:00:00 – and measured by flagstick in the hole). Note: The first group(s) of the day is judged only against overall time par until they get into position with any group that may be ahead of them (e.g. two-tee starts).

Green card (no penalty): The group is in position AND/OR within overall time par through that checkpoint.

Out of position: Failure to complete the hole being played in less than the time established by the Committee after the group immediately ahead put the flagstick in on that hole. Out of Position is an established number of minutes where 14 minutes is defined as 00:14:00:00.

Overall time par: The amount of time in which the Tournament Committee expects all players at a respective ability level and in the grouping assigned (e.g. threesomes vs. foursomes), to complete a round.

Overall time par is expressed on a per hole and overall basis and varies based on the conditions of the course and the course marking.

  • A group’s time begins when a member of the group has played a stroke from his starting teeing area.
  • Checkpoint times are measured when the flagstick is replaced in the hole after all players in the group have holed out.
  • The AJGA Rules Committee may adjust overall time par between tournament rounds.

Single red card (warning): The group is out of position AND behind overall time par through that checkpoint.

Unreasonable delay
If a player records two (2) bad times during the round, he or she will receive a one-stroke penalty for unreasonable delay. Players will be warned immediately after recording the first bad time.

The player will receive a two-stroke penalty if he or she records three (3) bad times and the player will be disqualified after four (4) bad times.