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2024 Preview Series: Qualifier Entry Criteria

This entry criteria applies to AJGA Qualifiers taking place prior to Preview Series tournaments.

(This entry criteria applies to AJGA Qualifiers taking place prior to Preview Series tournaments.)

Application Process:

AJGA Qualifiers have a separate application and application window from the corresponding AJGA Tournaments for AJGA members to apply. New for 2024, each qualifier application will be open for approximately 3.5 weeks, beginning on a Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET and ending on the Monday following the corresponding tournament application deadline, at 3 p.m. ET. See the Dates to Remember section of each qualifier website to find specific application opening and closing dates.

The order applications are received has no effect on the qualifier field. However, players must apply within this window to be considered for the initial field. Players who apply after this point may be placed on an alternate list, after those who applied during the application window, in the order they are received. Space permitting, non-members may apply the Wednesday following the AJGA Qualifier application opening to AJGA members.

The Preview Series Qualifier field and alternate list will be filled as follows:
Applicants will be ranked according to the number of playing opportunities (Tournament & Qualifier) they have been accepted to or played with the AJGA during the current season – lowest to highest (0,1,2,3,4,...)

Ties will be broken by:
1. Location

  • Players from the state of the AJGA Qualifier
  • Players from a bordering state of the AJGA Qualifier
  • All other locations

2. Graduation year (oldest to youngest)
3. Random Draw


  • Preview Series Qualifiers are open to all AJGA members, including those who have 2 or more AJGA tournament opportunities in the current and previous season.
    • The Preview Series Qualifier is the only method of entry into the corresponding tournament for these players since they are not eligible to apply directly to the tournament field.
  • AJGA Qualifier field sizes are typically 78 players (approximately 54 boys, 24 girls). The field size and breakdown are subject to change.
  • AJGA Qualifier fields and alternate lists will be posted on Tuesday at 5 pm ET following the initial application window.
  • Approximately 10% of the AJGA Qualifier field will qualify into the actual Tournament. The exact number of spots will be posted on-site at the Qualifier. Players who qualify and accept a spot in the tournament do NOT forfeit Performance Based Entry status earned in the AJGA Qualifier.
  • Players accepted to a tournament field are allowed to submit an application to a corresponding AJGA Qualifier during the same week. They can also apply at the same time as players not in a tournament field (true qualifier participants). However, priority in the AJGA Qualifier field will first go to true qualifier participants. If space remains in the initial Qualifier field, tournament participants will be allowed to fill remaining spots.
    • Tournament participants who apply during the initial application window will be ranked according to the number of playing opportunities (Tournament & Qualifier) they have been accepted to or played with the AJGA this season. Those with the lowest opportunities will have a higher priority. Ties at any step will be broken by Random Draw.
    • Tournament participants (including those in a different tournament that week) who compete in an AJGA Qualifier are playing to earn PBE Status only.
  • If an AJGA Qualifier alternate list contains both true qualifier and tournament participant alternates, priority will go to true qualifier alternates.
  • The only change for 2024 is that Qualifier applications will open earlier than in previous years allowing members the opportunity to apply earlier, if desired. The timeframe for the application deadline date remains the same as in previous years. Please note, applications are NOT first-come first-served, and there is no specific advantage in applying to the Qualifier before the corresponding tournament has been fielded.