Player Policies

Qualifier Cancellation Policy

Each AJGA Qualifier consists of an 18-hole stipulated round (see definition below). In the rare circumstance that inclement weather is imminent, the committee may reduce the number of holes in the qualifying round. All participants will be notified of any changes before play begins. If the stipulated round is not completed, the AJGA must abandon the qualifying round in accordance with the rules of golf. Performance Based Entry will be used to determine entry into the tournament field.

Only AJGA members will be eligible for entry into the tournament field through Performance Based Entry. Priority to gain entry into the tournament field will be based on Performance Based Entry status earned through 5 p.m. ET on the Tuesday prior to the AJGA Qualifier date (according to PBE status updating guidelines). All confirmed participants in the AJGA Qualifier will receive one Performance Star and a 50% refund of their entry fee.

Stipulated Round:
The “stipulated round” consists of playing the holes of the course in their correct sequence unless otherwise authorized by the Committee. The number of holes in a stipulated round is 18 unless a smaller number is authorized by the Committee.