Practice Round Policy

This policy is put into place as a response to feedback received from players and parents regarding the length of time it takes to complete 18 holes during an AJGA practice round in addition to protecting the quality of our host facilities and ensuring the AJGA can return to this facility.

Playing in the AJGA Practice Round is a privilege and players are expected to utilize proper etiquette by caring for the course. Please follow these guidelines so that all participants can have an enjoyable and quick practice round.

Players are given a set amount of time determined at each specific event to complete all 18 holes, after which an air horn will be blown signaling the end of the practice round.

During the practice round if a group falls more than one hole behind, all players will be asked to get back into position. If they fail to do so by completion of their next hole, the group will required to pick-up and resume play in position with the group in front of them. This may mean a group could forfeit the opportunity to complete a hole(s) as a result of their slow play.

In addition the following guidelines are established:

  • Players must always carry or push their own bags.
  • Parents, spectators and coaches must always remain on the cart path. Exception: Parents may assist in searching for players golf balls.
  • Players must play ready golf.
  • Players must not hit “two shots” at any time during the round except after normal completion of the hole. Players can hit 2-3 additional putts or chips, not both. Extra bunker shots around the putting green are not allowed.
  • To encourage prompt pace of play in the practice round players have been provided the hole locations for the tournament. Please use these to map out the greens on your own time outside of the practice round. Players are not expected to walk around the putting greens looking for the dots.

The violation of any of the above rules will result in the player being immediately removed from the golf course and will forfeit their right to play a practice round that day.