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Stewart Cink Championship by Transamerica

Morishita, Cleary earn first AJGA victory

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Boys Division Champion: Kyo Morishita of Amagasaki, Japan (3-under-par 210)
· First AJGA victory
· Tied for No. 381 in the Rolex AJGA Rankings
· Third top-10 finish in 2019
· First year playing in AJGA events
· “I made a lot birdie putts and par putts this week and it helps so much. It was fun playing in the last group, but I was nervous too.”

Girls Division Champion: Jennifer Cleary of Wilmington, Delaware (5-under-par 208)
· Verbally committed to the University of Virginia
· Wire-to-wire leader
· Tied at No. 158 in the Rolex AJGA Rankings
· Member of the 2017 AJGA Junior All-Star Team
· Recorded nine top-10 finishes
· First AJGA victory
· “This was a good start to my summer. If I get this summer and another good summer in next year, then I’ll be good for college.”

Top local boy: Mac Scott of Mountain Brook, Alabama (2-under-par 211)
· Finished second
· Rising senior
· Best finish in any AJGA event
· First AJGA event of 2019

Top local girl: Morgan Jones of Auburn, Alabama (10-over-par 223)
· Finished solo sixth
· Third top-10 finish since 2017
· Rising junior
· This was her fifth AJGA event

Tournament information
· The field consisted of players from five countries and 18 states

· There were 15 college commitments in the field

· This was Stewart Cink’s first time hosting an AJGA event

· Vestavia Country Club hosted its first AJGA event

· There were 13 natives of Alabama in the field