Volunteer With Us

Driving Range Attendant

Where to Position Yourself

· Position yourself at the entrance to the driving range. Confirm that the driving range stalls are set up with golf balls.
· You will have a station where you work that includes driving range signs and placards with the player’s name.

Your Role

· Your role is to set up the driving range and make sure players have their names displayed behind them while they are warming up for their round.

How to

· Your job is to put all the driving range signs out at the stalls. The signs should be about 6 feet behind the hitting area. The side of the sign where the name is inserted, needs to face out.
· Once the signs are in place, you need to make sure the name placards are in alphabetical order.
· As players make their way to the driving range, check them in and find their name placard. Then insert the placard in the driving range sign where they are practicing.
· A player should never be hitting without their name placard displayed.
· Once the player is done, you can take their name placard off the driving range sign.
· Once you are done for the day, alphabetize the names for the next day and pick up the driving range signs.