Volunteer With Us


Where to Position Yourself

· The Tournament Director will instruct you exactly where to position yourself on the golf course.
· Make sure you position yourself out of the way and off to the side of the landing zone.

Your Role

· Your primary job is to help the players find their golf balls.
· If time allows, and you are not in the way of the upcoming group, try to fill any divot holes made by the previous group. Please call AJGA Staff if you need a refill of divot mix.
· If a player needs a ruling, please call for an AJGA official on the designated radio channel.
· If a player needs medical assistance, please call for the medic on the designated radio channel.

How to

· Position yourself so that you are able to see the shots but are not in the way or in severe danger of being hit. Also, make sure your cart or chair is out of the way.
· If you have a cart do not drive it up and down the rough looking for balls. Get out of your cart and walk.
· Use a towel or flag to place near balls in the rough once you find them, to make it easier for the players to locate them quickly.
· Please be aware that there are golfers playing shots constantly on the course.
· If you have a loud voice that carries, please be conscious of that fact and try to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible. However, feel free to quietly interact with the golfers and their families and make them as welcome as possible.
· If a ball goes into a difficult spot (high rough, deep woods, canyon, etc…) do NOT start looking for the ball without the player’s approval first. It is possible that the player would prefer to play his provisional and not find the original ball.