Volunteer With Us

Standard Bearer

Where to Position Yourself

· Report to the first tee to get positioned with your group. Do not report to the tee until the proceeding group has departed.
· An AJGA staff member will be there to direct you and introduce you to the players.

Your Role

· Your main responsibility is to keep the live score of each player in your group.
· You will make any changes to a player’s score in relation to par on your standard.
· You will follow the group during their entire round.

How to

· Generally, you should walk down the center of the fairway, about 20 yards behind the players.
· When walking down the fairway, turn the standard so spectators can see who they are following in the rough and along the cart path.
· At each green please find an area not in the line of play/putt of the players to stand. You should stand the standard up so spectators can view.
· Post new numbers before you go to the next tee.
· Green/Black is over par, red is under par.
· Numbers are green/black on one side and red on the other.