Volunteer With Us

Tournament Operations

Where to Position Yourself

· The Tournament Director for the event will provide specific instructions on-site. Please check in with the Tournament Director or an AJGA staff member when you arrive for your shift.

Your Role

· Your role is to help the AJGA staff set up the golf course before for the tournament.
· Your role is to help the AJGA staff operate the tournament.
· Your role is to help the AJGA staff breakdown the golf course after the tournament.

How to

· Stake and Rope – Stake and rope will be placed in various locations around the course to help give the tournament a professional feel. The AJGA Staff will instruct you on where the stake and rope should be placed.
· AJGA Tents – The AJGA places pop-up tents at different locations on the course. The tents are used for staring players on the first tee and also for scoring players as they finish on the course. AJGA staff will instruct you on the where the tents will be placed.
· Registration Bags and Packets – Each tournament provides the players with a variety of gifts: TaylorMade golf balls, Imperial hats, adidas Shirts, etc. We also provide the players with important tournament documents. You will help us by organizing the gifts and paperwork, and stuffing them into our AJGA registration bags that will be handed out to each player upon registration.
· Tournament Registration – Each week we have an AJGA Tournament Registration for our players. When the players arrive we ask each individual a series of questions and we also give them their tournament gifts at this time. You will assist the AJGA staff in the registration process.
· Posting Scoresheets (prior to play) – The Tournament Scoreboard is where all of the scores will be posted following play each day. The AJGA will need your help in posting the scoresheets prior to the event. The sheets will be organized by the AJGA staff and they will need to be posted in alphabetical order.
· Posting Scores (following tournament play) – Once players finish their round they will go to the scoring tent. After scores have been proofed you will receive the scorecards at the board. You will find the corresponding sticker to match the score and place it by the proper player’s name. Following the second and third rounds you will also post a corresponding 36- or 54-hole total score sticker. An AJGA staff member will be available to help you get started.