Volunteer With Us

Walking Live Scorer

Where to Position Yourself

  • Check in with the Tournament Director so they can set you up with the equipment you will need.
  • Report to the first tee. An AJGA staff member will be there to introduce you to the group you will be scoring for.
  • Make sure you distance yourself from the players and stay out of the way. Position yourself in between the green and the tee of the next hole.

Your Role

  • Your role is to record the scores of each player in the group following completion of a hole. These scores are displayed on the live leaderboard.
  • If a player needs a ruling, please call for an AJGA official on the designated radio channel.
  • If a player needs medical assistance, please call for the medic on the designated radio channel.

How to

  • At the conclusion of the hole, ask the players their score for the hole and write it on your scoring sheet/scorecard.
  • Be sure you are scoring for the correct group.
  • Once you have written the scores down, enter the scores into your phone on the Golf Genius app as follows:
  • Enter the GGID: 6 letter code listed on your scoring sheet/scorecard into your phone on the Golf Genius home screen
  • Enter scores for each player after each hole
  • Click “save scores,” and it’ll advance you to the next hole