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AJGA Withdrawal Policy


Withdrawing a Tournament Application

A member can submit an application to be considered for a tournament up until the published Application Deadline for that event (5pm ET approximately 5 weeks prior to the tournament start).  The Application Deadline is also the Application Withdrawal Deadline.  All Application/Withdrawal Deadlines are published in Dates to Remember.  Please recheck your schedule and make sure you are available to play each tournament applied to and withdraw an application for any tournament you no longer want to play or will not be able to play BEFORE the Application/Withdrawal Deadline. There is no need to withdraw an application to a tournament if you want to remain an alternate should you not get accepted to the initial field. 

If a member withdraws an application after an Application/Withdrawal Deadline OR does not pay a tournament fee by the Tournament Payment Due date, there will be a $50 late withdrawal fee assessed which will be payable in the Payment Center. A member is not able to apply to future AJGA events until the late withdrawal fee is paid. Each additional late withdrawal will increase this Payment due by an additional $50 (first time the penalty is $50, second time the penalty is $100, etc.).

Withdrawing from an AJGA Event in which you are confirmed to play (accepted into the field and payment has been submitted)

*Click here to see Withdrawal Procedures (Prior to the Start of an Event)*


Withdrawing After the Start of an Event

The AJGA has instituted the following withdrawal policy for juniors who withdraw from an event after they have started their first round.

Once play begins, all juniors wishing to withdraw must report in person to the Tournament Director before leaving the golf course (or city in which the event is taking place) and before the competition has closed. The Tournament Director may ask the junior to talk to the Medical Attendant. The Tournament Director may also ask the junior’s fellow-competitors questions about the illness or injury. Based on the information gathered, the AJGA Tournament Director will categorize the junior’s withdrawal in one of three categories listed below and the corresponding action will take place:

Withdrawal Procedures (prior to the start of an event)

To withdraw from an AJGA tournament or qualifier prior to the start of an event, please follow the steps below (The online withdrawal option will be available until 11:59:59 PM ET the day before the tournament's official practice round and until 11:59:59 PM ET the day before an AJGA Qualifier. If you need to withdraw after that point, you must contact the AJGA on-site Tournament Director in person). Also, please review the refund policy before withdrawing from an event.

Note: Withdrawals CANNOT be submitted via email or phone.

  1. Login to the Player Center at ajga.org with your Member ID Number and Password.
  2. Go to the tab “Withdraw from Events.”
  3. Select the type of event to withdraw from.
  4. Please read the “Important Withdrawal Information” by clicking on the corresponding link.
  5. You will see a list of events you have applied to or been accepted to. Click on the box to the left of the event from which you would like to withdraw (a check mark in the box means you have selected that event).
  6. Once the event has been selected, continue to fill out the required information (relationship to player and reason for withdrawal). Click “Submit” when complete.
  7. The next page will contain the withdrawal confirmation and list any event the player has selected to withdraw from. Please print this page.
  8. A confirmation will also be sent to your email addresses on file.

Note concerning PBE status reinstated prior to an application deadline:  A withdrawal can be submitted online as late as Monday at 11:59:59 PM ET and result in PBE status being reinstated prior to the next day’s application deadline on Tuesday.