Rolex Scholastic Junior All-America

Every year, Rolex and the AJGA challenges the academic and athletic efforts of its members through the Rolex Scholastic Junior All-America honors.
Criteria for Rolex Scholastic Junior All-America honors has been updated in response to challenges presented in 2020 by COVID-19. With standardized testing largely unavailable for most of the year, eligible members have two different ways to earn Rolex Scholastic Junior All-America honors, including a GPA-only option. Eligibility is limited to 2021 graduates only, and the tournament place-finish requirement to receive an application has been expanded to a top-15 (boys) / top-10 (girls) finish, respectively. This new criteria has the potential to recognize a larger number of AJGA members as Rolex Scholastic Junior All-Americans. A playing spot at the year-ending Rolex Tournament of Champions (for those not already invited) will be available to the top-12 boys and top-12 girls based on the Rolex AJGA Rankings as of October 27, 2020.
At the end of the 2020 summer, 2021 grad year boys with a top-15 finish and 2021 grad year girls with a top-10 finish in AJGA Open and Invitational events (through events Sept. 25 – 27, 2020) will be invited to apply for Rolex Scholastic Junior All-America honors.To be named an Rolex Scholastic Junior All-American, an eligible member must meet one of the two criteria below:

1. TEST SCORE & GPA - Minimum Test Score* of 1450 (SAT) or 33 (ACT) & Minimum Weighted GPA 3.75 / 4.0 scale


2. GPA-ONLY - Minimum Weighted GPA 4.5 / 4.0 scale

Rolex Scholastic Junior All-Americans receive elevated exposure of each member's academic standing, a vital element in college golf recruiting. In addition, the top-12 boys and top-12 girls based on the Rolex AJGA Rankings earn an invitation to the Rolex Tournament of Champions (November).

Please note, GPA is high school GPA only. The AJGA uses an adjusted GPA scale to systematically convert/standardize applications. If you take any AP classes, consider also taking the corresponding standardized AP subject tests.

*SAT Test dates must be from March 2016 or later. Superscoring is acceptable for SAT and ACT.