Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) is committed to creating an engaging, safe, and inclusive environment. We welcome people from all backgrounds and believe by embracing diverse perspectives, we are better equipped to accomplish our mission of developing golf’s next generation.

While we provide a platform for junior golfers from around the world to earn college golf scholarships, we value developing great people first. Our programs focus on respecting the history, traditions and etiquette of the game, giving back and personal growth.

Our internship seeks to diversify the golf industry. We recruit quality young men and women from all walks of life who bring their passion to work every day. We provide training and hands-on experiences that open doors to careers in golf, sports and the business world.

Our values are clear. We show up on time. We share a great work ethic. We start early and end late. We solve problems by bringing a spirit of cooperation to work every day. We put the juniors first. We believe we cannot thank those enough who generously support our efforts.

Former AJGA staff of all backgrounds excel in and beyond the golf industry. Read more.
In a Zoom conference call, Stephen Hamblin joined Dr. Michael Cooper and James Beatty to discuss Diversity and Inclusion.
Harold Varner III speaks about the quality of interns and staff who worked his event.
African American Golfer's Digest recaps the AJGA's 2021 spring and summer internship applications opening.
Marcus Byrd has been inspired by golf throughout his life. His next goal is to see other young African-American kids have the same opportunity.
Ashley Shaw shares her experience as the first-ever girls division Curry Cup champion
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Partnership aims to advance the AJGA DEI platforms and further close diversity gaps.
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We engage in authentic conversations and training to understand and breakdown cross-cultural barriers
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Training Seminars
Training Seminars
The AJGA and the AJGA Foundation are led by a dedicated team of leaders.
The AJGA staff is comprised of talent from around the country
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The AJGA values the partnerships with leaders across multiple industries