Membership Policies and Procedures

Members should be aware of the following policies:

1. Players may sign up for AJGA membership before their 12th birthday.

  • All members must be at least 12 years old to compete in an AJGA event
  • Future Player membership (non-tournament playing) is intended for younger members or junior golfers who do not wish to compete in AJGA tournaments but want to receive the benefits of membership
  • All 2024 AJGA Memberships expire Nov. 30, 2024

2. To be eligible to participate in AJGA events , a member must be an amateur golfer who:

  • is at least 12 by the start date of the event
  • has not started college
  • For events Ages 12 - 15: Juniors who have not reached their 15th birthday AND have not graduated high school as of January 1 of the event year
  • For events Ages 12 - 19: Juniors who have not reached their 19th birthday AND have not graduated high school as of January 1 of the event year

3. Proof-of-age documentation is required prior to submitting applications to AJGA events.

4. AJGA membership does not guarantee acceptance into an AJGA event.

5. AJGA membership fees are non-refundable after one business day of submission. To receive a refund, you must call AJGA Player Services (770-868-4200) within one business day to cancel. A $10 processing fee will be deducted from your payment. Cancellations are not accepted by email or voicemail.

6. In any one season, AJGA members may play in a maximum of:

  • FIVE combined Open and Ninja® Junior All-Star Series tournaments
  • FOUR Ninja® Junior All-Star Series tournaments
  • ONE Neuropeak Pro Pro™ Preview Series tournament
    Note: Invitationals, Senior events, and AJGA Qualifiers, and Senior events do not count toward these totals

7. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your completed membership application as well as receive a mailed package with other benefit items.

8. The AJGA posts finalized tournament fields the Friday after a tournament deadline.

You will receive notifications confirming your entry into an event, but it is the sole responsibility of the member to know which events they are scheduled to play. Login to the Player Center or view individual fields to verify your schedule.

9. Tournament and Qualifier Fees

10. The AJGA holds the rights to member names and likenesses for publicity and promotional purposes. The AJGA will make every effort to ensure amateur status and eligibility guidelines are followed under the rules set forth by the USGA and NCAA.

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