Lamkin Fingerprint on the Game

Lamkin Fingerprint on the Game

A unique collaboration in 2019, Lamkin Grips and the AJGA will honor junior golfers who give back to their communities.

New for 2019, Lamkin Grips and the AJGA will partner together to launch a year-round social media platform highlighting stories of current and former AJGA players leaving their fingerprint on the game.

Featured players and stories will focus on those who are working to grow the game, do charitable work and make a difference in their community outside of scores and results.

Follow @LamkinGrips #FingerprintOnTheGame for inspired stories of service.

About Lamkin Grips Fingerprint Technology

Modeled after Lamkin Grips’ technology, the fingerprint micro-textures deliver a smoother surface feel by distributing patterns throughout the grip’s surface. Lamkin Grips technology eliminates the need for coarse and aggressive textures typically used in grip surfaces to deliver traction.