2011 HP Scholastic Junior All-Americans selected


Twenty-four of the nation’s brightest minds and best junior golfers were named to the 2011 HP Scholastic Junior All-America Team, the American Junior Golf Association and HP announced Wednesday, Oct. 5. Sponsored by HP since 1988, the team consists of 12 young men and 12 young women who demonstrate the ability to excel both on the golf course and in the classroom.

To be eligible to apply for the HP Scholastic Junior All-America Team, boys must have placed in the top 10 of an AJGA Open or Invitational, while girls needed a top-five finish. The selections were then based on grade point average, class rank, leadership skills, SAT/ACT/PLAN/PSAT scores, community service and writing ability. Candidates were required to submit an essay no longer than 500 words on an original topic relating to golf.
“HP is delighted once again to recognize academic excellence with the naming of the 2011 HP Scholastic Junior All-America Team,” said John Dayan, vice president of marketing, Personal Systems Group Americas, Hewlett Packard. “The AJGA works hard to prepare young adults for life after high school by instilling honor, perseverance and good sportsmanship. HP is proud to be associated with the AJGA and this great group of young adults.”
These outstanding individuals will be honored at the Rolex Junior All-America Awards Banquet, Nov. 20, at PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. By being named to this team, each player is also eligible to participate in the Polo Golf Junior Classic, one of the most prestigious events in junior golf, which will take place on PGA National Resort & Spa's Champion and Haig Courses, Nov. 19-25.
Sarah Harris of Hermitage, Tenn., and Kimberly Santiago of Lynnwood, Wash., earned HP Scholastic Junior All-America honors for the second consecutive year, while Teddy Corcoran of Rochester, N.Y., penned the winning essay, titled “Golf’s not a sport, is it?”
Former HP Scholastic Junior All-Americans have gone on to successful amateur and professional golf careers, including Casey Martin (1989), Wendy Ward (1990), Kellee Booth (1992), Matt Kuchar (1994), Scott Langley (2005) and Patrick Rodgers (2009, 2010).

2011 HP Scholastic Junior All-Americans



Taylor Billings, Kenner, La. (2012)

School: Jesuit High School

GPA: 4.72

Rank in Class: 1 of 280

ACT: 35; SAT: 2230

Best 2011 finish: T7, 2011 AJGA Huntsville Junior

Charles Cai, West Windsor, N.J. (2012)

School: West Windsor Plainsboro High School North

GPA: 4.45

Rank in Class: N/A

ACT: 34; SAT: 2120

Best 2011 finish: T9, Lessing's AJGA Classic

Teddy Corcoran, Rochester, N.Y. (2012) – Essay winner

School: Brighton High School

GPA: 3.6

Rank in Class: N/A

SAT: 2020

Best 2011 finish: 10th, Rochester Open Championship


Jacob Fair, Monett, Mo. (2012)

School: Monett High School

GPA: 4.0

Rank in Class: 1 of 145

ACT: 28

Best 2011 finishes: 2nd, Lockton Kansas City Junior


Colin Frizzell, Nacogdoches, Texas (2013)

School: Nacogdoches High School

GPA: 104.40

Rank in Class: 3 of 421

ACT: 27

Best 2011 finish: T10, Elbit Systems of America Junior Championship


Forrest Gamble, Birmingham, Ala. (2012)

School: Vestavia Hills High School

GPA: 4.74

Rank in Class: 2 of 407

ACT: 35; SAT: 2250

Best 2011 finish: T5, AJGA Franklin Junior


Tyler Ostrom, Warsaw, Ind. (2012)

School: Warsaw High School

GPA: 4.33

Rank in Class: 32 of 463

ACT: 32; SAT: 1930

Best 2011 finish: T3, AJGA Stonehenge Junior Open


Patipan Pipatpinyopong, Loves Park, Ill. (2012)

School: Harlem High School

GPA: 4.30

Rank in Class: 7 of 527

ACT: 32

Best 2011 finish: T7, McArthur Towel & Sports Future Legends


Quinlan Prchal, Glenview, Ill. (2012)

School: Glenbrook South

GPA: 3.95

Rank in Class: N/A

ACT: 32

Best 2011 finish: T6, AJGA Nebraska Junior at Quarry Oaks


Harrison Shih, Saddle River, N.J. (2012)

School: Bergen Catholic High School

GPA: 99.9

Rank in Class: N/A

ACT: 28; SAT: 2010

Best 2011 finish: Won AJGA Northern Virginia Junior


Bailey Truesdell, Grand Blanc, Mich. (2012)

School: Grand Blanc High School

GPA: 4.09

Rank in Class: 18 of 597

ACT: 32

Best 2011 finish: T5, Randy Wise Junior Open


Joe Willis, Lake Forest, Ill. (2012)

School: Lake Forest High School

GPA: 5.38

Rank in Class: N/A

ACT: 35; SAT: 2300

Best 2011 finish: 3rd, McArthur Towel & Sports Future Legends



Mackenzie Boydston, Keller, Texas (2012)

School: Nolan Catholic High School

GPA: 4.0

Rank in Class: N/A

ACT: 32; SAT: 2010

Best 2011 finish: 4th, Aaron's / Bob Estes Abilene Junior


Stephanie Carlozzi, Naples, Fla. (2012)

School: Barron Collier

GPA: 4.77

Rank in Class: 28 of 426

SAT: 2090

Best 2011 finish: T3, Midwest Junior Players Championship


Shane Crutchfield, St. Petersburg, Fla. (2012)

School: St. Petersburg High School

GPA: 4.81

Rank in Class: 13 of 488

SAT: 2060

Best 2011 finish: T5, AJGA Northern Virginia Junior


Elizabeth Doty, Palos Verdes Estates, Calif. (2013)

School: Palos Verdes High School

GPA: 4.8

Rank in Class: N/A

PLAN: 27

Best 2011 finish: 3rd, AJGA Junior at Steelwood presented by AT&T


Sarah Harris, Hermitage, Tenn. (2012)

School: Donelson Christian Academy

GPA: 4.21

Rank in Class: 8 of 73

ACT: 30

Best 2011 finish: T2, Burgett H. Mooney, Jr. Rome Classic


Alexandra Hershberger, Basking Ridge, N.J. (2012)

School: Ridge High School

GPA: 4.24

Rank in Class: N/A

SAT: 2020

Best 2011 finish: 2nd, Deutsche Bank Partners for Charity Junior Shoot Out


Laura Kanouse, Boca Raton, Fla. (2012)

School: Boca Raton High School

GPA: 3.93

Rank in Class: 8 of 714

ACT: 33

Best 2011 finish: T5, Killington Junior Golf Championship


Lauren Kim, Los Altos, Calif. (2012)

School: Los Altos High School

GPA: 4.26

Rank in Class: N/A

Best 2011 finish: 2nd, Genesis Junior at White Beeches


Christine Lin, Austin, Texas (2012)

School: Westwood High School

GPA: 5.43

Rank in Class: 24 of 586

ACT: 32

Best 2011 finish: 2nd, AJGA Philadelphia Open Championship


Kimberly Santiago, Lynnwood, Wash. (2012)

School: Edmonds-Woodway High School

GPA: 3.90

Rank in Class: N/A

ACT: 33

Best 2011 finish: T5, Rochester Open Championship


Deanna Song, Granger, Ind. (2012)

School: Penn High School

GPA: 4.23

Rank in Class: 4 of 799

SAT: 2270

Best 2011 finish: 2nd, McArthur Towel & Sports Future Legends


Alexandra Wong, San Francisco, Calif. (2012)

School: St. Ignatius High School

GPA: 4.37

Rank in Class: N/A

SAT: 2070

Best 2011 finish: Won Aspen Junior Golf Classic



ESSAY AWARD WINNER – Teddy Corcoran, Rochester, N.Y. (2012)

Golf’s not a sport, is it?

“What sports do you play?” A new friend asks.

“Basketball and golf,” I proudly respond.

“Golf’s not a sport, is it?” He asks politely.

A smile slowly spreads across my face, and I look down as I hear this.

Golf’s not a sport, is it? I think back to April and May, hands numb, muscles stiff, eyes heavy as I practice five-footers. I remember the wind whipping across my face as I followed the flight of my practice shots at 6 in the morning. I remember the distinct feeling of pride I had walking across the street to the practice range while all the other golfers headed in the opposite direction for warmth and cover from the rain.

Golf’s not a sport, is it? I remember four-putting the green to miss gaining points and the frustration I experienced during the four-hour car ride home with my parents. We had come all that way for what seemed like nothing. Yet I continued to practice.

Golf’s not a sport, is it? I remember how low golf has brought me after failing to qualify for sectionals. The feelings of regret, disappointment, and humiliation were compounded by further failure at other qualifiers, leading me to question my ability. All my hard work was for nothing, yet I continued to practice.

Golf’s not a sport, is it? I recall my rebound and the thrill of going under-par in competition. I still feel my heart ready to jump out of my chest when I remember teeing off on a hole guarded by water while trying to remain in contention in a national event. I will never forget the emotions that resulted from a simple two-putt that lead to a top-10 finish: exhaustion, fatigue, pride and accomplishment.

Golf’s not a sport, is it? I still remember the respect I earned when I won the men’s championship at my golf club. I still almost cry when I picture my mom tearing up with emotion as I hug her. I still smile when I look at the trophy, and fell indebted to my dad for both the time and financial sacrifices he made that helped me to achieve this goal.

Golf’s not a sport, is it? I continue to strength train, trying to not only become a better golfer, but a better athlete. I build muscles that are essential to the swing, increase flexibility, and work to the point of exhaustion to improve my game.

Golf has built me up and torn me down. I have thought I found the key only to return to the drawing board the next round. It has embarrassed me to the point where I don’t want to talk to my friends and made me so happy I can’t help but call them up and tell them about my success. It is without question the most emotional, puzzling, ugly, and beautiful activity in the world.

The smile fades and I look up.

“If golf’s not a sport, I don’t know what is.”