2012 East Wyndham Cup Team Captain Named


When the East and the West go head-to-head in the Wyndham Cup  there is a captain that stands behind each team. This individual serves as more  than just a captain.  The captain is the  ring-leader, motivator, coach and friend. In this year of the 22nd  annual Wyndham Cup, the East will have a new captain at the healm leading the  red shirts. A familiar face with the AJGA for almost 14 years, Chief Operating  Officer Mark Oskarson will take on the role of captain of the East Wyndham Cup  Team.
“I have been fortunate to do a lot with the AJGA, I have  even run this event before,” Oskarson said. “To me, it is one of the most  special events on the schedule and the camaraderie with the team in the pursuit  to hold the Cup is great and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.”
Oskarson has developed numerous friendships in his years  with the AJGA and holds a position at the AJGA where many look up to him.  One such person is co-worker, friend and  former East Captain Walker Hill, Director of Development at the AJGA.
“Walker has done such a wonderful job with the East in the  past and there couldn’t be a better person than Mark to carry on his success,” said  Kelli Holloway, 2011 East Assistant Captain.
Hill will pass down the torch after captaining six East  teams - each of them filled with memories he will never forget.
“Wyndham Cup has been the greatest experience of my AJGA  career and the 2011 team has a special place in my heart because they were able  to bring the Cup back,” Hill said. “The players will enjoy Mark as a person and  a leader and he will do great things as the East Captain.”
Until 2011, the East had not won the Wyndham Cup since 2004.  Last year marked a change when the East captured the Wyndham Cup by a score of  32-18. Oskarson hopes to continue that streak.
“For years I felt that the East has held a strong roster and  it is important to me that I capitalize on the team atmosphere that they had  last year and do it again this year together in an admirable way,” Oskarson  said.