A Legacy Lives On

The AJGA will return to Cape Cod again this year with a special title sponsor. The Jeffrey M. Isner Memorial Junior at New Seabury is scheduled to take place August 25-28 in Mashpee, Mass., at the Country Club of New Seabury’s Ocean Course.

Jeff Isner, as a world-renowned researcher of heart disease, dedicated his life to helping the medical world understand and make progress toward the treatment of an ailment that plagues a vast number of individuals around the globe. Tragically, Isner died Oct. 31, 2001, of a heart attack.

After his death, his wife, Linda, created a foundation with the mission of continuing her husband’s cardiovascular research. As time passed, however, her memories of her late husband’s love of golf inspired her to give back to the sport he held so dear.

“He loved to play golf as much as he loved his work and do his research,” she said. “So it made sense that we could give back to both in his memory.”

Isner always took a lot of pride in watching his sons, Joshua, 17, and Matthew, 10, play, Linda said. He used it as a way to spend time with his two boys. He also left behind one daughter, Jessica, 16.

“My husband had two passions in life: one was cutting-edge cardiovascular research and the other was golf, as a participant as well as an enthusiastic spectator who took great pride in watching his children play. I feel that sponsoring the AJGA would be the perfect way to keep his spirit alive.”

The Country Club at New Seabury has hosted several AJGA events over the years. In 1999, the Ocean Course hosted the Junior Match that pitted the top juniors from the United States against the top juniors from Europe in a format similar to the Ryder Cup.

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