A look at the final Golf Performance Center Preview Series event of the year


By Jessica Hall

Communications Intern

After 14 Golf Performance Center Preview Series tournaments throughout the 2016 season, the series finishes in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for the AJGA Preview at Dauphin Highlands from June 3-5. 

The Golf Performance Center started their sponsorship of the Preview Series in 2016, replacing the series formerly known as the AJGA Preseason Series. The series was established in 2000 and is the entry point for juniors looking to compete in nationally-ranked junior golf tournaments conducted by the AJGA. The series provides new members and their families the opportunity to get to know the AJGA and its policies, as well as allowing members to build Performance Based Entry (PBE) Status.

Golf Performance Center Junior Golf Director, Brian Muller, was on site to speak with both players and parents to talk about how GPC and the AJGA come together to grow players in the sport of golf.

“The biggest thing that both companies share is the same view,” Muller said. “We want to get as many juniors out there in college and want to connect the college coaches the best we can with the juniors that are playing the national events. The idea behind the preview series this year was that we see the recruiting going younger and younger so we’re trying to get kids that are new into the junior golf side of things.”

In addition to introducing juniors to the world of golf, the AJGA and GPC share the common interest of reaching their goals, golf related or not.

“The connection between the kids and the parents doing what we can to best help them reach their goals is the biggest thing we strive to do with the AJGA’s partnership,” Muller added.

Muller spent two summers and one spring with the AJGA as an intern, so he said he understands the value of these relationships.

“The best part about the internship was the relationships that you can build with the kids and the parents as you’re out on the course or interacting as much as you can during the social activities,” Muller said. “It was great to hear their story and see what they want to do with their lives, whether it be golf or in some cases, it might not be the kid’s dream. The coolest thing was seeing the hard work that went into a tournament and seeing it pay off at the end of the week when the tournament champions come in and say thank you. It makes it very rewarding.”

The AJGA Preview at Dauphin Highlands began June 3 at Dauphin Highlands Golf Course. The tournament includes 78 juniors from the ages of 12-19, with most playing in their first AJGA tournament.