AJGA implements Operation Hydration


In an effort to provide awareness to golf’s next generation on the importance of proper nutrition and hydration, the AJGA has implemented Operation Hydration, promoting healthy habits before, during and after competition. At all AJGA events, Operation Hydration will be a visible force to ensure the safety of all junior golfers prior to play and during the tournament.

AJGA staff will address the weather for the week and provide nutritional tips for improved performance with an introductory e-mail, as well as during both the Players Meeting and Parents Meeting.  Operation Hydration fact boards will be displayed on-site with quick facts and reminders about how to prevent dehydration.

According to several sources, including the Titleist Performance Institute and the Korey Stringer Institute, without taking the proper precautionary measures, dehydration takes effect when the heat index hits 91.4 degrees.  The AJGA has taken precautions to counter dehydration when the temperatures rise.  As at all AJGA events, bottled water, fruit and Clif Bars will be available at the practice facilities and on the course for players during tournament rounds.  In addition, McArthur Towels will be iced and distributed on the Nos. 1 and 10 tees.  A “Hydration station” will be on the course to provide extra shade, water and additional product. On-site medical attendants will rover the course to check on players and spectators ensuring hydration and all AJGA staff will be prepared for any players who show signs of dehydration. 

The AJGA has teamed up with Titleist Performance Institute to provide educational materials on proper hydration during competition.  In the video, Dr. Greg Rose, co-founder of the Titleist Performance Institute, offers pointers on maintaining hydration from hole to hole.