AJGA Introduces Performance Based Entry Map

In the AJGA's effort to educate parents and juniors on the sometimes confusing world of junior golf, the Association is proud to unveil its first Web-based Performance Based Entry map.

The map organizes all of the junior golf tournaments that the AJGA recognizes through PBE. The map includes information on:

· All 80 AJGA Tournaments

· 329 Non-AJGA Tournaments

· State and International Tournaments

· Shows dates, times, locations, contact information and corresponding PBE Status for each event.

· Up-to-date information to reflect the most recently recognized events.

To view the map, click here. In the future, the map will be located in the new Performance Based Entry link on left side of the AJGA homepage.

If you have questions, contact the AJGA Player Services Department by phone at (877) 373-2542 or by e-mail at