AJGA Launches New Site


You've probably noticed that things look a bit different at We hope you like it.

Two years ago, the AJGA Communications/IT Department began drawing up plans for a new site and key goals were established. We wanted a site with: 1) simpler organization of content; 2) a more modern design; 3) greater use of photography and video; and 4) more flexibility to build and expand the site in the future.

Along the way, we underwent extensive research into current traffic patterns. We conducted focus groups with parents, juniors and AJGA staff. We studied the websites of dozens of golf organizations across the country. We went through various iterations of our design, and once the look was determined, the full design began taking shape. In the end, we believe we have created a site that accomplishes our goals and meets the needs of our visitors.

There will be a learning curve, just as there was with our old website. There might even be some bumps and bruises, although they should be minimal, given the exhaustive testing throughout the process.

In true AJGA fashion, the site was created entirely by our in-house staff.

"At the start of the process, the idea was to hire an outside company to do the job," Chief Communications Officer Rob Coleman said. "But Patricia Thomason, our V.P. of Information Technology, wanted to take it on in-house. We put our trust in her and could not be happier with the end result. She and our IT team have worked tirelessly to create a professional, beautiful site."

We hope our guests feel the same way. So, have a look around -- there is plenty to see! And we welcome your feedback.