AJGA Partners with Brooks for College Recruiting Guidance

With the help of Red Numbers Golf and its founder John Brooks, the American Junior Golf Association will be providing meaningful information on the college recruiting process to its members beginning in 2006.

Coach Brooks will be the AJGA's College Golf Advisor, using his 13 years
of experience as Head Golf Coach at the University of North Florida to
assist AJGA members with information on college golf and the recruiting

As a coach, he worked daily with talented young players and helped them improve all facets of their golf games and life skills. Now, through the Red Numbers Golf program and the AJGA, he is sharing this knowledge with a younger generation of golfers and helping families navigate junior golf and manage college placement.

Coach Brooks will post a monthly College Mailbag column on, answering questions posed by AJGA members. To submit a question, please e-mail Look for Coach Brooks' first College Mailbag in early February.

For more information on Coach Brooks or Red Numbers Golf please see his Web site, Coach Brooks also authors a "Going to College" column on the Junior Golf Scoreboard and is a contributing
writer for the Titleist Performance Institute Web site.