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AJGA Trailblazers : Katie Lamfers

Read about the journey of current AJGA staff member, Katie Lamfers, and how she was driven to make an impact in the Foundation Department

This week, the AJGA Trailblazers Spotlight Series features Katie Lamfers, who currently serves as the Manager, Leadership Links within the AJGA’s Foundation Department. Lamfers’ journey brought her to the AJGA in the summer of 2023 as a Traveling Operations Intern. While most operations interns who get hired full-time take the path of becoming Tournament Directors within the AJGA’s Operations Department, Lamfers’ background and love for giving back drew her to look into the Foundation Department instead.

While Lamfers had an extensive journey in the sports world prior to the AJGA, golf was one of the few she didn’t have any experience in. Formally from Lenexa, Kansas, she played 11 different sports which kickstarted her love for sports and being an athlete.

“Through sports, I learned great leadership skills and how to be a great individual,” Lamfers said. “I always wanted to try something new and never wanted to stay in one sport. I wanted to try them all and meet people along the way.”

It wasn’t until she was in college at the University of Kansas (KU) that Lamfers realized working in sports was her calling. While she was initially majoring in education, her love for working in the sports industry grew when she was presented with the opportunity to coach her former high school lacrosse team.


“Once I started coaching, I realized I could make this into a career,” Lamfers said. “Along with coaching, I worked with KU’s intramural sports in campus recreation which allowed me to grow my knowledge in not only playing and officiating sports but also confirming that working in the sports industry as a professional was what I wanted to do.”

Growing up, her grandfather had played golf and exposed her to the game, however, she had never stepped foot on a golf course. She stumbled upon the AJGA Internship in the fall of 2022 and read that you didn’t have to know about golf to be an intern. After the application process, she was hired for the subsequent summer.

“I was looking for a unique internship opportunity that was not in the state of Kansas and that would push me outside of my comfort zone,” Lamfers said. “Golf was the only sport I hadn’t played so I wanted to give it a shot.”

Lamfers hit the road in May of 2023 and had the summer of a lifetime. She credits her team and the places they visited as what made her experience so unique. She mentioned the people on her intern team ended up becoming her second family while traveling on the road, and still are as they have stayed connected since then.

“I think one amazing thing I enjoyed this summer was being able to travel and be there for each other’s first experiences,” Lamfers said. “Whether that be the first time going to an MLB game, first time trying a certain chain restaurant, or first time using the Metro as public transportation.”


Lamfers specifically mentioned her experience at the AJGA Junior at Parris Island being one of her favorite memories as she has always been passionate about giving back to military families and veterans.

“The biggest highlight was the tournament we did in Parris Island,” Lamfers said. “That was just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because it gave me a greater understanding and respect of military life.”

Although Lamfers loved the AJGA Operations Internship, she reflected on her time at Intern Recruiting Weekend (IRW) where she first heard about the AJGA Foundation Department. She figured out throughout the summer that fundraising and giving back were at the core of what she wanted to pursue.

“I reached out to Beth Docktor [Director, Youth Development] throughout the summer, and she gave me a lot of resources to be knowledgeable about the Foundation,” Lamfers said. “I always wanted to work in a sports foundation after college because I’ve wanted to bring sports to those that don’t have access to them. I am glad that the AJGA allows me to do that.”

Following Lamfers’ internship, she began in her current role as Manager, Leadership Links in January of 2024. Her day-to-day tasks include overseeing the Leadership Links program and running events apart of the AJGA Cobra PUMA State Cup Series. These two programs allow AJGA juniors to raise money and give back to local charities and the AJGA’s Liberty National ACE Grant.


“It’s been great to correspond with the juniors and hear about their why and why they want to give back,” Lamfers said. I also just assisted in running the Georgia Junior Cup and that was a great experience to see the juniors cheer on each other for their various fundraising goals. Hearing how passionate they are about giving back at a young age was a remarkable experience and I am excited to continue to do that.”

Growing the Foundation Department and helping mentor the AJGA juniors are just a few of Lamfers’ goals throughout her time with AJGA. She strives to continue to provide more accessible resources for all and impact charities nationwide.

“I want to grow the Leadership Links program and to help instill in our juniors what my mentors instilled in me at a young age of giving back and being grateful for what you have,” Lamfers said. “I also want to bring more State Cups to different states so that there can be a greater impact on local charities and the Liberty National ACE Grant.”

Lamfers’ journey is just one example of the AJGA providing resources for interns with different backgrounds to start their careers in the sports industry in the avenues they are drawn to. Lamfers has quickly grown in her role in the Foundation Department and is excited to continue to grow and give back through the Foundation.