AJGA welcomes Amino Vital®

The American Junior Golf Association has announced a four-year partnership with Amino Vital®, a company dedicated to researching, developing and processing products that improve the health and wellbeing of people across the globe.  

As an Official Partner of the AJGA, Amino Vital® will be the Title Sponsor of the Amino Vital® / Joey D Golf Junior Championship, April 15-17, at The Seagate Country Club in Delray Beach, Florida. Amino Vital® will also sponsor the AJGA’s Operation Hydration program and be the Official Golf Fitness Sponsor of the AJGA.

“Amino Vital® is proud to align with the AJGA and the exceptional platform they provide to support aspiring young players. Their dedication to helping athletes perform their best mirrors the underlying principles of our advanced sports nutrition products,” said Jerry Piercy, Ajinomoto’s Wellness & Sport Nutrition Business Manager. “We salute the AJGA's commitment to inform and educate players and parents about the critical role healthy hydration plays in support of improved energy, focus, performance and recovery in training and competition.”

In 2012, the AJGA began its Operation Hydration initiative. The Operation Hydration program aims to educate tournament participants about the importance of establishing good nutrition and hydration habits before, during and after golf tournaments. At all 115 AJGA tournaments, players, parents and attendees are provided water, fruit, sport drink supplements and shade stations on the golf course.

“This partnership with Amino Vital® allows AJGA members, parents and staff to have access to resources necessary to maintaining nutrition and hydration at golf tournaments,” said Jason Etzen, AJGA Chief Business Officer. “With Amino Vital® as an Official Partner, health and wellness will remain at the forefront of our organization.”

About Amino Vital

Amino Vital® is a global leader in advanced amino acid-based nutritional technology. The company’s mission is to provide healthy supplements that help athletes feel and perform their best. Unlike traditional heavily sugared and caffeinated sport and energy drinks, Amino Vital’s all-natural formulations feature plant-based amino acid blends optimized for sports-specific benefits to deliver physical and mental energy, focus, stamina, and muscle recovery. Amino Vital products have been the trusted choice of touring professionals and athletes at all levels for over 15 years.