ANNIKA Academy launches smartphone app


As a way to share Annika’s passion for golf and fitness with golfers around the world, the ANNIKA Academy has created a smart phone app that brings the world’s greatest coaches to the palm of your hand.

It’s the golf swing app that everyone will be raving about. All the knowledge and expertise of the world’s greatest female golfer and her golf and fitness coaches at your fingertips! Introducing the ANNIKA Academy Golf App with over 50 golf swing, fitness training, putting and short game video tips and drills along with exclusive strategy and course management secrets from Annika herself. Use this one-of-a-kind video golf tool at home, playing on the golf course, hitting golf balls at the driving range, during your golf fitness training sessions, or anywhere you use your smartphone. Your own ANNIKA Academy swing coach is only a few clicks away.

Having trouble with your grip, getting your ball out of a plugged lie in the bunker, losing distance on your driver, or can’t figure out what to do when you have an uphill lie approach shot? Select from beginner, intermediate, advanced and pro level tips then choose the type of tip that you are looking for. From full swing to putting to challenging lies and mental aspects of the game, every aspect of the game is addressed by Annika, Henri Reis, Charlotta Sorenstam, Kai Fusser and Mark Bereza. Annika and her coaches have and-picked the most effective tips and drills for every level of player, filmed in HD video and sound and presented them in an easy-to-use app format that anyone can navigate. The ANNIKA Academy App will help every level of golfer take the next step towards success in their game.

The unique and ‘holistic’ approach that has made the ANNIKA Academy at Reunion Resort in Orlando, Fla., one of the top golf schools in the world can now be experienced in the palm of your hand. ANNIKA Academy golf drills paired with their golf fitness exercises have proven to be one of the most effective ways to vastly improve technique, performance and stamina in the golf swing. Don’t miss your opportunity to gain the knowledge that produced Annika’s ‘Hall of Fame’ career and will help you reach your full potential.

  • Over 50 instructional videos covering every aspect of the game
  • Interactive photo galleries of Annika's illustrious career
  • Easter eggs with one-on-one secrets to Annika's success on the course
  • Over 1.5 hours of instruction and drills that have been proven to lower your scores
  • Virtual tour of the ANNIKA Academy
  • Much more!!!