Avis gives you a choice

This summer Avis is rolling out Select and Go for Preferred Renters. This offers the flexibility of taking an assigned vehicle or selecting another one from the Exchange lot – with the convenience of getting your rental agreement on the way out of the lot.

If you are Preferred and reserve a midsize or fullsize you can do one of the following:

            • Keep the car assigned
            • Select from the Exchange lot
            • Upgrade for a fee to a cool car or something you’ve
              always wanted to drive!

If your flight information is in your reservation along with your e-mail address, you will receive your space number and the vehicle pre-assigned upon landing at the airport.  When you arrive at the rental facility you can go directly to your car, choose another or upgrade if you like.

If you are not an Avis Preferred member, enroll for free at our link and make sure you use the AJGA’s member AWD number S734099.

This service will be available at over 50 locations by the end of the year – but many are in operation now!

Enjoy your member discount and drive the car you want with Avis.

If you need more information, please contact Roseanna Smith at