Candidates Tested at Intern Recruiting Weekend

BRASELTON, Ga. – Before a fleet of Polo-clad staff can hit the road for the AJGA, they must pass the gauntlet at the AJGA’s Intern Recruiting Weekend. Hundreds of candidates applied for spring and summer internships in 2010, and ultimately 96 were chosen to participate in an intensive weekend-long interview process, which took place Feb. 26-28.

The ninth annual Intern Recruiting Weekend tested more than a candidate’s ability to interview. Exercises like the Mind Field and the Egg Drop assessed the teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills that are vital components of the AJGA internship.

The weekend was a learning opportunity as much as it was an interview process. Steve Ethun, former AJGA VP of Communications and current Director of Communications at Augusta National Golf Club, spoke Saturday morning and shared his insights on the AJGA and the golf industry. Mike Cooney, Director of Human Resources for the PGA Tour, also spoke and offered his advice on how to navigate the interview process with prospective employers.

As AJGA players and parents can attest, the staff knows how to have fun, too. Saturday Night Trivia featured aspiring stand-up comedian Rob Coleman on the microphone, and a wide range of topics promoted crowd participation (and a little humiliation).

Intern Recruiting Weekend is a microcosm of the AJGA internship – both memorable and exhausting. Staff and candidates leave the experience with a better understanding and appreciation for the AJGA and the golf industry, and it is easy to see why the backbone of the AJGA is its internship program.