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Celebrating AJGA Staff

Staff Spotlight: Kianna Keller and David McCaskill
Kianna Keller and Kaylyn.png

The AJGA is committed to creating an engaging, safe, and inclusive environment. By welcoming people from all backgrounds and embracing diverse perspectives, we believe we are better equipped to accomplish our mission of developing golf’s next generation.

Kianna and David play an important role in accomplishing the AJGA's mission and we are proud to have them as members of the AJGA family.

Fast Facts

  • Name: Kianna Keller (right of top photo with wife Kaylyn)
  • Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin
  • Began Full-Time: 2022
  • Role during time w/ AJGA: Player Services Coordinator
  • College: University of New Mexico
  • Major/Minor: Masters in Sports Management and Bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in Family Studies
  • Married: Yes

Get to know Kianna

  • How did you get involved in golf? The AJGA is how I got involved in golf. I had 0 golf background before this job but have always been passionate about sports.
  • How did you find out about the AJGA? After college, I moved to Florida and worked at ESPN Wide World of Sports. During my time there I got to work different events such as the Pro Bowl, NBA bubble, Disney marathons, Cheer competitions, etc, but my time was cut short due to Covid-19. I knew I wanted to get back into sports and came across the AJGA at a career fair. After speaking with Lauren Shelly, Director of Training and Development, I found out about other potential positions at the AJGA outside of their internship. A few months later, a position became available, I applied, and I got it.
  • Has your experiences in golf changed since you came out? I have never been more nervous in my life to tell those close to me. Going into my job with the AJGA I was transparent with them from the start that I am married to a woman. They were all very kind to me and did not make me feel any different about it.

    Overall, I don't think my experiences in golf have changed since I have come out. I have seen the challenges with gender equity across all sports when I played Division I basketball at the University of New Mexico and from working jobs in sports. There are still a lot of changes that need to be made but I believe we are on the right track.

  • What is something you want people to know? It was a strange feeling but I am grateful that my parents were accepting and that my grandparents, who are part of the older generation, were able to be supportive. People may have a hard time at first, but I am still the same person. Whether you agree with someone or don’t, we are all humans and we should all be kind to one another.
David McCaskill and Isaiah.png
David McCaskill (right) with boyfriend Isaiah

Fast Facts

  • Name: David McCaskill
  • Hometown: Pensacola, Florida
  • Began Full-Time: 2019
  • Role during time w/ AJGA: Tournament Director
  • College: University of Florida
  • Major/Minor: Sports Management with a minor in Golf and Turf Management
  • Married: No

Get to know David

  • How did you get involved in golf? I didn't get involved in golf until 2010 when I watched Tiger Woods' return to the Masters. I remember he made an incredible run on the back nine, but when I saw him hole out on No. 7, I was hooked. After that, I went on to play from eighth grade to my senior year of college.
  • How did you find out about the AJGA? When I was in college I played recreationally and club competitively for all four years. I was the president of the club team my senior year and also worked at the golf course at the University of Florida. It was the entryway that I used to learn more about golf and how tournaments are run. At the time, one of my friends had coincidentally just finished the AJGA internship and encouraged me to apply.
  • Has your experiences in golf changed since you came out? My life changed 100% when I met Isaiah because I finally got to be myself for the first time in my life, but I was grateful that nobody treated me differently. I feel very lucky that my experiences in golf have not changed since I have come out and that my family and friends have been supportive, but I do realize this is not the case for everyone.
  • What is something you want people to know? Having the support from friends, family, and my co workers has meant the world to me. I understand that not everyone can agree on everything, and that we as people are inherently different, but as long as people can wish for each others happiness that is good with me.