College Golf Advisors Discuss Recruiting in 2020

The AJGA College Golf Advisor team shares how COVID-19 will impact college golf recruiting

The COVID-19 pandemic has created more uncertainty in life, and especially for junior golf families, around college golf recruiting.

To help, our college golf advisory team recently hosted a series of webinars to provide insight into how the process might be impacted and what prospective student athletes can do to remain proactive.

We recap three big issues below, but AJGA members can view the full eight-video series in the Player Center. After login, go to the Resource Center and click on the “College Recruiting Update 2020” tab.

How COVID-19 is Impacting College Golf Recruiting

With many aspects of college recruiting constantly changing, Susan Watkins emphasizes two key points for parents and players:

  • Stay patient with governing bodies as they make decisions regarding health and safety guidelines which may alter the traditional recruiting process
  • Stay in close communication with coaches and ask questions, even if coaches may not always have the answers
How is COVID 19 Impacting College Golf Recruiting

How Junior Golfers Can Stay Competitive and Train at Home

Although many people may still be quarantining at home and some courses remain closed, this time can be great way for players to develop their game in unconventional ways. Rich Brazeau and John Brooks provide some perspective things players can do to stay in shape and prepare for a return to competitive golf.

Ways Junior Golfers Can Stay Competitive and Train While at Home

How to Communicate with Coaches

Proactive communication with college coaches is more critical than ever with current restrictions. Ideas might include:

  • Email a new swing video or video from a recent round
  • Set up a video blog to host your swings or practice round video
  • Message coaches on Instagram or other social accounts
  • Post your swing videos or practice round videos on your social media accounts

The advisors explain how to get creative in showcasing your game and staying in contact with coaches.

How to Communicate with Coaches

For more information and resources on COVID-19's impact on college athletics, visit the NCAA, NJCAA and NAIA websites.