College Golf Advisors meet with AJGA


The AJGA prides itself on running high caliber junior golf tournaments and drive toward its mission of providing the opportunity for juniors to earn college golf scholarships.

The AJGA also prides itself on improving the organization and continually adding value to its membership.

While the idea of college recruiting can be a daunting process, the AJGA is striving to learn more and become more knowledgeable for families with questions out on the road or on the phone.

Enter John Brooks, Ted Gleason and Nicky Goetze, the AJGA’s College Golf Advisors. The three former college golf coaches are extremely educated on the entire college recruiting process, the rules associated with signing and everything in between. They help conduct a series of webinars – “AJGA’s College Recruiting Live” and annually visit the AJGA National Headquarters to speak with the staff on current and relevant issues surrounding college recruiting.

“We just want to make sure everyone is aware of who we are, what we do and how we want to be able to help the AJGA in any way we can,” said Gleason. “Whether its helping directly with phone calls, emails or being at tournaments.”

The Advisors provide information to members through the webinars, but they also know how important it is for the AJGA staff to be aware of NCAA rules about recruiting.

“Being here at the AJGA and being able to offer education about relevant topics related to junior golf, college placement and the recruiting process in general helps the staff feel more confident as they work with families and try to field those types of questions,” said Goetze.

“The AJGA staff does such a wonderful job, not only running first-class championships, but also providing value to their members,” said Brooks of Red Numbers Golf. “A lot of families join the AJGA and participate in events to learn more about the college recruiting process and I think giving the staff familiarity with who we are and what we do is extremely valuable.”

For more information about the AJGA’s College Golf Advisors and the college recruiting process, visit the College Recruiting Overview.