East vs. West: Clash of the Canon Cup Captains!

The East and West will meet again at Stanwich Country Club in Greenwich, Conn., when the 19th annual Canon Cup comes to town July 29-August 1. With the event just a few weeks away, the AJGA has released the Captains for each team. Hailing from the East is returning Captain Walker Hill. Walker, who will be enjoying captain honors for the fourth straight year, is looking for his first win. From across the Mississippi is Jason Miller as West Captain. This will be Jason's first time as captain and he is looking to guide the West to their fourth consecutive victory.

Not just anyone can lead the nation's top-20 golfers from each side of the Mississippi against one another in pursuit of this prestigious title. In 2008, who will be victorious? The veteran captain or the rookie hoping to ride a wave of success?

The inaugural Clash of the Captains will determine which captain is best suited to lead their team to a Canon Cup victory. Walker and Jason will face off in an 18-hole match play event. Each captain must answer challenging questions about the Canon Cup, their qualifications, strategies and more. The captain with the best answer will win the hole and receive one point. Let the games begin!

Hole NumberWalker Hill, VP of Tournament Operations

Jason Miller, Chief Financial Officer

Winner of the Hole
No.1 - How long have you been involved with Canon Cup?4 years7 yearsJason
Age over beauty!
No.2 - How many years have you been Captain of your respective team?This is my fourth year.First year!Walker
After four years, Walker knows the ropes.
No.3 - What is your team's record in the last five years?1-44-1Jason
Umm...sorry, Walker?
No.4 - What is your outlook for this year's tournament?On the boys side, we will have a lot of new faces. On the girls side, there is a ton of experience!We plan to ride the wave of the West's previous success and find our rhythm.Jason
The wave of success has worked in past years!
No. 5 - Do you play golf?YesYesTie
For obvious reasons...
No. 6 - Why do you love golf?The life lessons you learn from it. Also the honor and integrity of the game.You don't have to be fantastic to have a good time!Walker
Very deep.
No. 7 - What is your most memorable golf moment?Hole-in-one (on the Copperhead Course at Innisbrook)I sunk a 15 foot birdie putt to win a member-guest tournament.Walker
Impressive putt, Jason, but Walker had a hole-in-one.
No.8 - Have you ever had anything funny happy with a golf cart?I dropped a box of equipment on the gas pedal. The cart jumped a curb and landed in a huge mud puddle. I was chasing after it and the golf cart's splash left me covered in mud from head to toe.One of the junior's teed off while we were watching from a golf cart. His ball came directly at the cart and landed between the roof and the metal roof bar. What are the chances?Walker
By a long shot! Wish we had that one on video!
No. 9 - What advice do you have for your Canon Cup team?Enjoy the experience. Try as hard as you can and just be a team.Not a lot of people get this opportunity to play in such a pressured situation. Prepare for those moments!Jason
It is an incredible opportunity.
No. 10 - What qualities do you have that will make you a good captain?My passion for the game and competitive experience. Plus, I have a good relationship with many of the players, through my past Canon Cup captaincies.I always look for the positive in people. I get excited about seeing the growth and positive aspects of competitors at tournaments.Tie
Both of these guys seem to know what it takes.
No. 11 - What is your favorite sports team?The St. Louis Cardinals!The Houston TexansWalker
Sorry Jason, but the Cardinals are clearly the better team.
No. 12 - If you could play a round of golf with anyone, who would it be?Fred CouplesArnold PalmerTie
Definitely too close to call with these great golfers.
No. 13 - What is the most adventurous thing you have always wanted to do?Hike the Appalachian TrailThrow the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game.Walker
Cool idea, Jason, but we were looking for something slightly more adventurous!
No. 14 - How long have you worked at the AJGA?5 years12 years and 2 internshipsJason
That is quite the history at the AJGA
No. 15 - What will be your role as Captain of the Canon Cup team?Coordinate the players and be a leader to bring the team together.Help the players find their rhythm and reach their full potentialTie
These guys are certainly focused on their teams!
No. 16 - What is your favorite food and drink?Food: Dad's smoked turkey and mashed potatoes
Drink: Water (with an occasional Red Bull)
Food: Filet Mignon
Drink: Arnold Palmer
A home-cooked meal and filet mignon both sound incredible to us!
No. 17 - What is one interesting fact about you?I was born two months premature.I was a cheerleader in high school.Jason
We are looking foward to Jason's cheerleading skills at Canon Cup!
No. 18 - If you could play any golf course in the world, where would you play?St. Andrews in Scotland, the birthplace of golfSt. Andrews, the birthplace of golfTie
These guys know their golf history!

After a grueling match, Walker and Jason end the day tied! The Clash of the Captains winner will be determined through a sudden-death match. Serving as the tie breaker will be the 19th annual Canon Cup July 29-August 1. The captain of the winning team will also be named winner of the Clash of the Captains!

The Canon Cup will be held at the Stanwich Club in Greenwich, Conn. This truly unique event pits the 20 best junior golfers on each side of the Mississippi River against each other. The East and West teams are each made up of 10 boys and 10 girls working together to achieve success. The event provides a truly unique experience for these talented juniors as they have the opportunity to experience a team setting and grow as golfers. The Canon Cup is praised as an event that allows the integrity of the game and its players to shine through, while challenging their ability to work collectively as a group.

Teams for the 2008 will be announced soon. Below is the criteria information:

Invited based on Polo Golf Rankings on June 27, 2008:

• Top eight boys and top eight girls East of the Mississippi River

• Top eight boys and top eight girls West of the Mississippi River

Invited based on Polo Golf Rankings on July 7, 2008:

• Following the completion of the Rolex Tournament of Champions, the final two boys spots and two girls spots on each team will be awarded to the two highest ranked players not already eligible.