First AJGA Webinar Draws Rave Reviews


Sharing a wealth of information about college golf scholarships, the AJGA teamed with Red Numbers Golf and Road to College Golf on February 17, to provide its first-ever webinar, “AJGA’s College Recruiting Live.” It was a rousing success, as 139 participants joined the forum to learn the finer points of college golf recruiting.

“The presentation was fabulous – the information was so valuable and we can’t wait until the next presentation,” said participant Mary Kay Obecny. “Our son is a freshman and this will help us so much to get prepared for the college recruiting process. We just upgraded to Junior Plus membership this week specifically to be able to participate in the Recruiting series, and we are so glad we did.”

There’s never been a better time to be a Junior Plus member of the AJGA, as the AJGA plans to offer a series of presentations to help college-aspiring golfers, available exclusively to Junior Plus members.

“It was a pleasure being a part of the first installment of ‘AJGA’s College Recruiting Live,’” said Ted Gleason of Road to College Golf. “John (Brooks) and I look forward to our next presentation and so we appreciate the great number of folks that tuned in to listen. We look forward to answering your questions and further discussing the relevant topics of junior and college golf. Thank you again for tuning in.”

The path to college golf is sometimes difficult to navigate, which is why the AJGA strives to help junior golfers and parents make sense of it. The feedback from Thursday’s presentation was very positive.

“Thank you for anticipating the questions we all have,” said one participant. “This was very helpful and we can't wait for the next presentation,” said another.

Obecny continued: “Our son also used the “Mental Golf Workshop Profile” immediately after the presentation, already got his report back and I am astounded how accurately this has pinpointed his personality and approach to the game. I cannot wait to get this to his coach so he can incorporate the recommendations into his instructional program. I am not a golfer, but I know these things about my son, and now I have validation to take to his coach that is coming not from his mother, but from an external source. This alone is worth many times more to us than the $70 upgraded membership cost.”

Stay tuned for additional webinars as the “AJGA’s College Recruiting Live” continues throughout 2011.