Gayle Champagne Named President of AJGA Board of Directors

Champagne continues her 12-year commitment to the American Junior Golf Association

Gayle Champagne, longtime American Junior Golf Association Board member, was appointed president of the AJGA Board of Directors. Champagne, the Detroit sales manager for Golf for Women Magazine, has been actively involved with the AJGA since 1992 and a member of the board since 1994. Most recently, she served as vice president.

In conjunction with AJGA Chairman of the Board J.R.”Digger” Smith, Champagne will provide direction and guidance to AJGA Executive Director Stephen Hamblin and the rest of the board. She will serve a two-year term that will involve maintaining and cultivating sponsors as well as ensuring the Association’s standards are consistently met and exceeded.

“She will become even more of a mentor to me and position herself as a visual public spokesperson for the AJGA,” Hamblin said. “She has a tremendous amount of insight and involvement within the golf industry.”

Champagne became involved with the AJGA in 1992 when Golf for Women Magazine sponsored the Golf for Women Magazine Girls Championship, now the Rolex Girls Junior Championship. She was immediately impressed with the competitiveness and character the players showed at such a young age.

“Being associated with AJGA players and staff has always been an inspiration to me,” Champagne said. “When I watch the juniors who play in AJGA events, I see the future. I now know the future will be bright because each of these players exemplifies what we want and what we need for a successful tomorrow.”

During her time with the AJGA, Champagne has seen membership nearly double in size and numerous initiatives fully enacted, including the construction of a new national headquarters and the creation of the Performance Based Entry system. She also had an active roll in the development of the Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) Grant program that gives juniors who have the ability to play a national junior golf schedule the chance to do so through financial assistance. This program, which was piloted in 2003, will be fully implemented in 2004.

“With all the good the AJGA has done and continues to do for the game of golf, the ACE Grant will take the AJGA to the next level,” she said. “This is another way we are fulfilling our mission and helping to create the leaders of the future.”