Global Golf Post begins seventh year of publishing


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Jim Nugent’s impact on the game of golf extends well beyond the AJGA. While he has been president of the AJGA Board of Directors since 2013, he is also the publisher of Global Golf Post and 2016 marks the seventh year of publishing for the first and leading digital golf magazine in the world.

Founded in 2010, Global Golf Post has grown to offer three different, distinct editions, serving the United States, Canada and Europe, respectively. It is distributed to more than 1.5 million golfers each week, and it has become a respected and admired part of the global golf media landscape.

“We saw what was possible before it became obvious,” said Nugent, who in 2008 created a business model that embraced the digital revolution. “Back then I thought, ‘Somebody will do this, so why not us?’”

One thing that hasn’t changed in the digital era is the importance of quality content. For that, Nugent has assembled a worldwide team of outstanding golf writers.

“I am truly humbled and honored to find my name on a masthead that has the names of Mike Purkey, John Hopkins, Ron Green Jr., Lewine Mair, John Steinbreder and Steve Eubanks on it,” Nugent said. “These are among the finest golf writers of this or any generation. They took my idea and gave it life. They are the heroes of this effort.”

As an Official Media Partner since its founding, Global Golf Post has played an integral role in supporting the AJGA and its mission. Beyond tournament results, The Post has covered players, awards and achievements, thus giving the AJGA worldwide exposure on a weekly basis.

What’s next for The Post?

“We have so much runway ahead of us,” Nugent said. “We want more weekly readers in the three regions where we currently publish. We have a plan to publish is the Australasia region. And eventually, we expect to have editions serving the major golf nations in Asia. The word ‘global’ in our name is intentional; our ambitions are truly global.”